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phone (+48) 602 125 227

fax (+48) 501 795 719


e-mail: neoquartet@gmail.com

www: neoquartet.pl

  • Karolina Piątkowska-Nowicka – 1st violin
  • Paweł Kapica – 2nd violin
  • Michał Markiewicz – viola
  • Krzysztof Pawłowski – cello


NeoQuartet is a Polish string quartet focused on performing contemporary classical music. Members of the ensemble are great enthusiasts of modern art, therefore, they very often combine contemporary classical music with visual arts, modern dance, and electronics.

NeoQuartet's aim is to collaborate with contemporary composers and to make their music familiar to the wider audience. In their repertoire there are compositions by Steve Reich, George Crumb, Alfred Schnittke and Krzysztof Penderecki, to name a few. They also premiered many pieces written by young Polish composers such as Agnieszka Stulgińska, Marek Czerniewicz and Aleksander Kościów. In 2009, NeoQuartet participated in the International  Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where it found itself in the semi-final among ten teams from around the world.

In December 2010, the ensemble recorded their debut album "NeoQuartet" (DUX) which was nominated to the "Fryderyk 2012" award for the Best Debut Album. The CD represents a diversity of contemporary classical music by Aleksander Lasoń, Toshi Hosokawa, Guus Janssen, Agnieszka Stulgińska, and Marek Czerniewicz. In 2012, the ensemble was nominated to the "Sztorm Roku" Award and the "Pomeran Artistic Award".  In 2014, NeoQuartet recorded three albums with music of Aleksander Kościów, Joanna Bruzdowicz and American composer Dosia McKay.

The band performs in Poland as well as abroad (Ukraine, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Lithuania). It has participated in such festivals as: Gdańsk Music Festival, Sopot Classic International Festival, Ukrainian Biennale of New Music, Jerzy Waldorf Festival in Radziejowice, Days of New Music (Gdańsk), Musica Electronica Nova (Wrocław), Kontrasty Festival (Lviv), Warsaw Autumn, Another Space (Moscow).

NeoQuartet is also the organizer of the annual festival NeoArte – Synthesizer of Arts (former: NeoArte – The New Music Spectrum) which was established in 2012 by the NeoArte Association.

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