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BeArTon - Wydawnictwo Fonograficzne

ul. Wiolinowa 7/37

02-785 Warszawa

phone (+48 22) 643 56 39

e-mail: biuro@bearton.pl

www: www.bearton.pl

The independent classical music recording company was launched in 1995 with the aim of recording unique and outstanding music performances. One of the best achievements is the National Edition recording series of Frederic Chopin's works in 12 music albums. The first such series of Chopin music interpretations in the world was recorded on the basis of the source notations in accordance with the composer's intention. The series has won the recognition of Polish and foreign critics, as well as many awards and honours, such as the nomination for the Polish Phonographic Academy Award "Fryderyk" in 1997 and 1998 for Scherzos and Polonaises, GRAND PRIX DU DISQUE Frederic Chopin Warsaw 2000 for Waltzes, GOLD DISCS for Ballades and Piano Concertos, FRYDERYK 2002 for the whole series and the nomination in the category of the MOST OUTSTANDING RECORDINGS OF POLISH MUSIC.
In 2000 BeArTon initiated a new recording series, The Pearls of Polish Music. Its goal is to present the performing events by the 21th-century standards, of important and outstanding music works selected from the thousand-year output of Polish music. An album from the series The Best of Paderewski was nominated to the FRYDERYK 2001 award in the Orchestral Music category, and the record of the most popular works by Wojciech Kilar, Orawa, Piano Concerto and Krzesany, was nominated to the FRYDERYK 2002 award in the Most Outstanding Recordings of Polish Music category.