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Międzynarodowy kurs dyrygencki z Jormą Panulą – 21-26 czerwca 2015

Organizer:  Orkiestra Stołecznego Królewskiego Miasta Krakowa Sinfonietta Cracovia

The Orchestra of the Royal City of Krakow SinfoniettaCracovia is pleased to announce a conducting masterclass led by internationally renowned prof. JormaPanula from Finland, which will take placebetween 21st the 26th of September 2015 in the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice (90 km from Krakow).
Widely considered one of the most successful teachers,JormaPanula is the “maestro of maestros” who instructeda generation of well-known conductors such asEsa-PekkaSalonen, Jukka-PekkaSaraste, OsmoVänskä, Petri Sakari, SakariOramo, Mikko Franck and many others.
The scheduleof the course will also include seminars and workshops with Stefan Vladar - Austrian conductor, pianist and artistic director of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra.

Dates: September 21-26, 2015.
Application deadline: August 5, 2015.
The course is open to conductors of all ages and nationalities.
There will be maximum of 10 active participants, all of which will be selected by JormaPanula, based on the strength of their application.

Active participants:
Active participants will be selected by JormaPanula, based on submitted video recordings.
1. All participantswill conduct the Orchestra of the Royal City of Krakow SinfoniettaCracovia.
2. Each active participant will have 20 minutes daily podium time and the dress rehearsal scheduled on the day of the concert.
3. All conducting sessions are digitally video recorded. The individual needs of each participant will be covered by personal video analysis lesson with JormaPanula.
4. Final concert’s participants will be selected by maestro JormaPanula.
5. Audio and video recordings of the rehearsals and performance will be made available to all participants once the course is finished.

Passive participants:
• Passive participants take part in all rehearsals, concerts, seminars, video analysis lessons and audio-video recording sessions organized during the course.

J. Haydn – Symphony No. 43 in E flat major “Mercury”
W.A. Mozart – Symphony No. 41 in C major K. 551
L. van Beethoven – “Coriolan”Ouverture, Op. 62
L. van Beethoven –Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37
F. Schubert –Symphony No. 5 in B flat major
K. Penderecki – Sinfonietta No. 1

The organizer reserves the right to modify the programme.
Each active participant must prepare all the repertoire works.

1. All applicants must submit a brief curriculum vitae, contact details (full name, address, phone number, e-mail address) and a short video recording (DVD, youtube or vimeo link) of max. 10 minutes of representative conducting session.
2. The application should be sent to:
The Orchestra of the Royal City of Krakow – SinfoniettaCracovia 2 Papiernicza St. 31 – 221 Krakow
Poland with additional information: Conducting Masterclass
or to thee-mail address: office@sinfoniettacracovia.com
4. Application deadline: August 5,2015.
5. Applicants will be informed of their acceptance by: August 30, 2015.

Accommodation and meals:
1. The fee of active participantsincludes the accommodation and all meals provided in the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music in Lusławice.
2. Passive participants are responsible for making their own arrangements for lodging and meals.
3. The organizer might make the arrangements for lodging and mealsfor passive participants, if necessary.

Costs & payments:

The fee for active participation - 5.500 PLN (1.400 EUR) - includes:
• Rehearsals with the orchestra under the guidance of prof. JormaPanula.
• Audio-video recordings of rehearsals and final performance.
• Personal video analysis lesson with prof. JormaPanula
• Seminars and workshops with Stefan Vladar.
• Allmeals and accommodation.
• Transfer from the airport/railway station/bus station.

Scholarships for Polish participants.
Polish applicants are eligible to apply for a partial scholarship. The recipients will be selected based on their achievements and submitted video recordings. There will be 2 scholarships granted.

The fee for passive participation - 400 PLN (100 EUR) – includes:
• Entry to all rehearsals, concerts, seminars, video analysis lessons and audio-video recording sessions organized during the course.

Daily fee for passive participants - 80 PLN (20 EUR).
1. Each active participant is required to makea non-refundable advance payment of 4.000 PLN (1.000 EUR) by September 5, 2015 to the following bank account:
PL 24 1240 4722 1111 0000 4857 0541
BIC: PL 24 1240 4722 1111 0000 4857 0541
2. The advance payment reserves a place in the course.
3. The second instalment must be paid no later than September 20, 2015.
4. The advance payment should be made once the selection results are announced. Each active participant will be informed about the results via e-mail.
5. The fee includes all costs of the participation in the course.
6. The reference field of the bank transfer form should indicate the participant’s full name and an information: “Conducting Masterclass”.

Getting to the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music.
The venue is located 90 km from Krakow. Each active participant is guaranteed atransfer from the airport/railway station/bus station to Lusławice.
Website: www.penderecki-center.pl


telefon: +48 12/416 70 75

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