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Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska,

composer, musicologist, and improviser; b. 13th November 1989 in Toruń. She attended the Karol Szymanowski Music School Complex in her hometown, studying composition with Magdalena Cynk. In 2011, she received her BA in musicology from the Adam Mickiewicz University on Poznań. Two years later she graduated with honours in composition from the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań under Professor Zbigniew Kozub. In 2014, she completed postgraduate composition studies at the Universität für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Vienna under Professor Reinhard Karger. In 2016, she received her PhD in composition and theory of music. Currently, she is an assistant professor at the Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań.

The artist has won numerous national and international composition competitions, including the International Composers Competition at the Oklahoma City University (Oklahoma City, 2010), European Young Composers Competition Gramodeska (Prague, 2011), Tadeusz Ochlewski Composition Competition organised by PWM Edition (Cracow, 2011, 2015), Marathon V-Festival for young contemporary music (Vienna, 2013), Zygmunt Mycielski Composition Competition of the Polish Composers' Union (Warsaw, 2013, 2014), 14th International "Music of Youth" Forum (Kiev, 2016), Special Prize European Piano Bridge at the International Composers Competition "Artistes en Herbe" (Luxembourg, 2017), First Accordion Composition Competition FIDELIO (Madrid, 2017), 4th Opus Dissonus Composition Competition (Brazil, 2018), International Composers Competition KALEIDOSCOPE (Los Angeles, 2019), International Composers Competition Subtle Cheetah (New York, 2019), International Composition Competition NEW VISION (New York, 2020), and International Call for Score Musica Prospettiva (Italy, 2020-2021).

She has been awarded numerous scholarships, including the "Young Poland" scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2012, 2020), and scholarship for outstanding young scientists of the Minister of Science and Higher Education (2017-2020). In 2020 she received the Young Art Medal of the "Voice of Greater Poland" daily newspaper.

Her works are performed very often in Poland and abroad during prestigious international festivals, including the "Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music, "Probaltica" Baltic Countries Music and Art Festival, "Poznań Music Spring" International Festival of Contemporary Music, Festival of Polish Music in Krakow, "Music in Old Cracow" International Festival, LOOP 11 in Belgium, Eesti Muusika Päevad in Estonia, Tehran Contemporary Music Festival in Iran, the International Clarinet Festival ClarinetFest in the United States or Word and music on exile and asylum at the Berlin Philharmonic, as well as concerts of contemporary music in Europe (Austria, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Norway, Majorca, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine), in Asia (Indonesia, Iran, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam) and the United States (Oklahoma City, Nowy Meksyk, Kansas, New Jersey).

In spring 2016, her Three Polish Dances for brass quintet were performed at the International Music Days in Tongyeong, South Korea, held under the auspices of the International Society for Contemporary Music. Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska was one of the youngest participants of this prestigious festival. In 2018, her piece Meditation III was selected from over 1,000 compositions to be performed as part of the SCI Conference at the University of New Mexico.

In 2014/2015 she was a Composer-in-Residence of the Baltic Neopolis Orchestra and in 2017/2018 of the Feliks Nowowiejski Music Society, thanks to the programme of the Institute of Music and Dance. She was also a two-time winner of the "Music of Our Time" programme organized by the Krzysztof Penderecki European Centre for Music.

Her compositions have been performed by such ensembles and orchestras as, among others, TrombQuartet, Wolańska/Gajda Duo, Sepia Ensemble, Silesian Quartet, NeoQuartet, National Forum of Music Choir, Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra, Amadeus Polish Radio Chamber Orchestra, Świętokrzyska Philharmonic Orchestra, Toruń Symphony Orchestra, Cappella Gedanensis, Baltic Neopolis Orchestra, Prague Modern (Czech Republic), the New Mexico Contemporary Ensemble (United States), Subtle Cheetah (United States); as well as outstanding conductors: Szymon Bywalec, Jakub Chrenowicz, Rafał Kłoczko, Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak, Monika Wolińska, Adam Domurat, Agnieszka Franków-Żelazny.

Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska’s works are published by the PWM Edition, DUX, Acte Prélable and Norsk Musikforlag. In 2021, the album Ewa Fabiańska-Jelińska. Chamber Music was released by DUX label.

The artist is a member of the Polish Society for Contemporary Music and the Polish Composers' Union.

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Requiem for Bieslan (Dziatwa) for mixed choir and chamber orchestra (2005)
Three Pieces for string quartet (2008)
The Fairytale Suite for cello and piano (2008)
Three Folk Lullabies for soprano and piano (2008)
Suite for trombone and piano (2009)
Hermias song from the song cycle A Midsummer Nights Dream for soprano and piano (2009)
The letter of a captive for soprano and piano (2009)
Musical Magiczne Pióro (2009)
Three Polish Dances for 3 marimbas  (2009)
Kto chce, bym go kochała for mezzo-soprano and piano (2009)
Musique ancienne for harpsichord (2010)
Three Songs in tribute to Frederic Chopin for soprano and piano (2010)
Songs to words by Leopold Staff and Adam Asnyk for countertenor and guitar (or lute) (2010)
Preghiera for percussion ensemble (2010)
Miniature sonoristiques for prepared trombone  (2011)
Dell‘arte for trombone quartet (2011)
Creatio continua for vibraphone and marimba (2011)
The Tempestuous Fantasy for chamber orchestra (2011)
Kurpian Songs for soprano, mixed choir and chamber orchestra (2011)
I Don't Know Your Face Yet for soprano, trombone and piano (2011)
WolfGag for children's string orchestra (2011)
Performance La Borańcza (2011)
Na Berdyczów for flute, oboe, clarinet and piano  (2012)
Six Mazurkas to poems by Jan Brzechwa for piano (2012)
Crux Fidelis for mixed choir (2012)
Offenbarungen und Eingebungen for string orchestra (2012)
Grandfather will come for children's or female choir  (2012)
Christmas for childern's or female choir (2012)
Washing for children's or female choir (2012)
Le Quai de Bercy for piano (2013)
Arabesque for flute or trombone and piano (2013)
Reminiscence of Judith for chamber orchestra (2013)
Concerto for trombone and symphony orchestra (2013)
Cat and Mouse for children's choir (2013)
Minuet and Gavotte for piano – two miniatures for children (2013)
Five lyrical songs from the cycle: Royal-Court Manuscript for female voice and piano (2014)
Dumka and Furiant for flute and accordion (2014)
Two Scandinavian Preludes [1st version] for clarinet, piano and cello (2014)
There Are More Things for violin, flute, clarinet and piano (2014)
Fantasia for violin or viola and piano (2014)
Concertino for trombone and string orchestra (2014)
Ad Gloriam Dei Cantabile for trumpet or oboe and organ (2014)
Allegro ma non troppo for vocal ensemble to words by W. Szymborska (2014)
Three Polish Dances for brass quintet (and organ) (2014)
Psalm 63 for mixed choir (2014)
Kujawiaczek and obertas [1st version] for flute and harp (2014)
Kujawiaczek and obertas [2nd version] for violin and piano (2014)
Concerto for viola and string orchestra (2014-2015)
Hommage a Marc Chagall for string quartet (2015)
Prelude and Toccatina for viola and trombone  (2015)
Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist for string orchestra (2015)
Oglądać ten stary Toruń for soprano and piano (2015)
Kujawiak-dumka and oberek for viola duo (2015)
Za pieśń twoją! for soprano and double bass (2015)
I Chorale for trombone quartet (2015)
Mater Dei for violin or viola quartet (2015)
Elegy for viola  (2015)
Performance Moniuszko, powiedz mi coś na uszko (2015)
Chorale and Toccatina for brass quintet (2015)
My soul longs for God for mixed choir (2015)
Kolebany i Obertas for children choir (2015)
A-Gis Tango for viola, piano and cello (2015)
Sonata for viola or clarinet and piano (2016)
Amnesia for trombone quartet (2016)
M-Aria for viola, piano and cello (2016)
Menojre for solo cello (2016)
Meditation for organ (2016)
Prelude for flute (2016)
Fantasia for viola and string quartet (2016)
The song of angel for mixed choir and chamber orchestra (2016)
Meditation I for piano, trombone, clarinet and double bass or cello (2016)
Meditation II for soprano saxophone and string quartet (2016)
The Soul of Seul [1st version] for clarinet and vibraphone (2016)
Fantasia for symphony orchestra (2016)
Meditation III for trombone  (2016)
The Christmas Prelude for organ (2017)
The Tree of Life [1st version] for viola, guitar and string quartet (2017)
Meditation IV for flute quartet, oboe, viola and piano (2017)
LaJulia for viola, cello and piano (2017)
Stabat Mater for soprano, flute, violin, cello and harpsichord (2017)
Sonata for trombone and piano (2017)
Toccata for accordion and piano (2017)
Samba MiReLla for viola, cello and  piano (2017)
Concertino for brass quintet and percussion ensemble (2017)
Lullaby for piano trio (2017)
Mass for soprano, female choir and chamber orchestra (2017)
Poemat SymFoniczny for symphony orchestra (2017)
MedytacJa, a scenic monodrama (2017)
Psalm 130 for soprano, baritone, violin and cello (2017)
Baby's Expressions for solo alto saxophone (2018)
Obertas for clarinet (2018)
Passacaglia for violin and viola (2018)
Reflexion for clarinet and percussion - instrumental theatre (2018)
BallaDo-BallaRe [1st version] for flute and harp (2018)
Suite for trombone and wind orchestra (2018)
Rocking Music for chamber emsemble (2018)
Bagatelle for clarinet and piano  (2018)
Prelude for trumpet/Flügelhorn  (2018)
BallaDo-BallaRe [2nd version] for flute and piano (2019)
Confessiones for string quartet – instrumental theatre (2019)
Confrontations for clarinet septet  (2019)
Prelude for clarinet and piano (2019)
Lullaby for piano (2019)
Sol…solo Dio! for 16-person trombone ensemble (2019)
Inspiration for flute duo (2019)
ConcertaRE for trombone quartet and piano (2019)
The Soul of Seul [2nd version] for clarinet and guitar (2019)
The Tree of Life [2nd version] for viola, guitar and string orchestra (2019)
Two Scandinavian Preludes [2nd version] for violin, piano and cello  (2020)
Relations for vocal quartet, trombone quartet, percussion quartet, mixed choir, conductor and audience (2020)
To A.S. for viola and harpsichord (2020)
Fanfara for trombone octet (2020)
Ballad for two trombones (2020)
Butterfly for 3-part choir (2020)
In the fall for 3-part choir (2020)
In the mountains for 3-part choir (2020)
Meditation V for viola and piano (2020)
Miniature for trombone (2020)
Giocoso e cantabile for clarinet orchestra (2020)
Cantate Domino for mixed choir (2020)
November for viola (2020)
December for viola (2020)
Toccata for double bass and string orchestra (2020)
Misterioso for viola and guitar (2020)
Monologue/Dialogue for violin and cello (2020)
Trio for viola, piano and cello (2020)
Folk Mosaic for guitar and piano (2020)
Emotional suite for piano for four hands (2020-2021)
WarmLand for flute trio (2021)
Meditation VI for cello (2021)
Fanfara I for trombone octet and tuba (2021)