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Martyna Kosecka,

composer, conductor, performer, experimentalist and new music researcher; b. 18th January 1989 in Gdynia. She received a Bachelor degree in orchestral conducting in the class of maestro Rafał Jacek Delekta and a Master degree in composition in the class of professor Krzysztof Meyer from the Academy of Music in Kraków as well as a Master degree in orchestral conducting in the class of maestro Szymon Bywalec from the Academy of Music in Katowice. Currently she works as a freelance composer, conductor and essayist on new music. She is the artistic co-director of the Tehran Contemporary Music Festival.

Martyna Kosecka is the winner of the "5-Minute Opera" Competition organized by the 28th Music Biennale Zagreb in Croatia in 2015. The Festival commissioned her to write a full-length opera Klothó – thread of the tales, which opened the 29th MBZ in 2017. In 2015 Kosecka wrote Umbra for three percussionists and electronics as a result of the call for proposlas of the Swiss EKLEKTO Ensemble. In 2017 she won the 2nd prize at the 4th National Krzysztof Penderecki Composition Competition for Orsi for string orchestra. In 2019 she participated in the CECIA Project (Collaborative Electroacoustic Composition with Intelligent Agents) organized by ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe.

Kosecka’s works were performed in Poland and abroad, among others, at the "Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music, AudioArt Festival Kraków, OstravaDays Festival of New and Experimental Music (Czech Republik), IMPULS Festival (Austria), Music Biennale Zagreb (Croatia), Armel Opera Festival (Austria/Hungary), and Risuonanze Festival (Italy).

Since 2018 Kosecka's compositions are published by Donemus Holland. Her music is based on spectral techniques of sound organization and experiments with scales, tuning, microtone and time perception. She often uses performative elements in composition, balancing towards instrumental theater and improvisation techniques. She doesn’t mind being called a post-spectralist or neo-sonorist.

In 2013, together with the Iranian composer Idin Samimi Mofakham, she founded Spectro Centre for New Music. The organisation aims to popularize and promote the genre of contemporary classical music through workshops and concerts. It runs the International Contemporary Music Festival in Tehran, which is the largest festival focused on contemporary music in the Middle-East area.

updated: 2020 (ac)

Composer's website: www.martynakosecka.com 

Email: martyna.composer@gmail.com 


Dumka for piano (2006)
Wędrowanie for chamber orchestra, piano, flute and oboe (2006)
Storm for piano, cello, violin and triangle (2007)
Starry Night for piano, double bass, clarinet and alto saxophone (2007)
Drunken waltz for 2 cellos (2008)
Awakening for piano, alto saxophone, kalimba and percussion (2008)
String Quartet No. 1 (2009)
Latino Variationi for string quartet, piano, flute and clarinet (2009)
Topic: Music of Pressures for tape (2009)
Piano Trio The Retrospection (2009)
Życie motyla for viola quartet, tape and live electronics (2009-2010)
Fascination.Desire.Lust. for symphonic orchestra (2009-2010)
Absurdalioparadoksalia for 8 wind instruments (2010)
Znikomek for alto saxophone (2010)
Szklane kule losu for symphonic orchestra (2010)
Fragments for clarinet and piano  (2010)
Czarny zachód. Godzina grozy for trumpet, trombone, piano, viola and double bass (2010)
Open Skies for instrumental ensemble, dancers and electronic layer (2010-2011)
Zadrwoga for violin and piano (2011)
Nimbostratus for symphonic orchestra (2011)
In the Center of my Hometown I’ve Been Standing Lone and Crying for 4 percussions (2011)
Koło mego ogródeczka for children's choir  (2011)
Piano trio A Length of the Hesitancy Moment. From Thought to Creation  (2011)
Love Scenes for flute, oboe, alto saxophone, accordion, violin and piano  (2012)
Blizzard for 2 voices, chimes and amplification (2012)
…Numbers of Reality… for voice and string orchestra (2012)
Vaporiza for clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone and bassoon  (2012)
ENT1701 for flute, oboe, horn, violin, cello and piano  (2012)
Haiku for soprano, bass clarinet, trombone and percussion  (2012)
City of Illusion for orchestra, choir and electronic media (2012-2013)
Cogita! for piano (2012/2015)
Lamentation for soprano and piano (2013)
Ábyssos for 4 clarinets (one performer) and live electronics  (2013)
Mythos for cello solo and 4 instruments  (2013)
Rozmowa Salvadora Dali z bardzo elegancką kobietą o przeciętnej urodzie for trombone and clarinet [in collaboration with the composer Piotr Peszat] (2013)
WystawaMIX for tape (2013)
ImPulsus for instrumental ensemble  (2013)
Ápeiros for chamber orchestra (2013)
Orsi for string orchestra (2014)
Sial for bassoon and piano  (2014)
Passaggio I for female voice and cello (2014)
Kochawaya, miniopera for soprano, baritone and 8 instruments  (2014)
Passaggio II for double bass solo  (2015)
Akmḗ, scene for female voice and double bass (2015)
Umbra, musical theater for 3 percussionists and electronic media (2015)
Nephélēs for piano solo  (2016)
Klothó – Thread of the Tales, magic opera in one act  (2016-2017)
Charaktíras for accordion solo  (2018)
Ourobóros for instrumental ensemble (2018)
Āzar for saxophone quartet  (2018)
Enigma I for horn solo  (2019)
Concerto for Clarinet, Multipercussion and String Orchestra  (2019)
Zamharīr: Frozen Timelessness for flute, cello, piano and electronics  (2019)