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Piotr Peszat,

composer, sound artist and author of installations; b. 29th June 1990 in Kraków. He studied composition with Krzysztof Meyer at the Academy of Music in Kraków and Simon Steen-Andersen at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus. He has participated in numerous composition courses, including the Next Generation workshop at the Donaueschingen Festival (2014) and the Darmstadt International Summer Courses for New Music (2016). In 2018 he obtained a PhD in composition at the Academy of Music in Kraków under the supervision of Marek Chołoniewski. He is an assistant at the Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Academy of Music in Kraków.

Piotr Peszat won the 2nd prize (ex aequo) in the Composer’s Concert of the Year competition in Katowice (2011), he was a finalist of the Tadeusz Baird Competition for Young Composers (Warsaw 2013), he won the 1st prize at the Roche Young Commissions Composition Competition (Lucerne 2013; the award was a commission for a symphony work performed during the 77th Lucerne Festival in 2015), the 1st prize at the MEETINGS Composition Competition in Copenhagen (2014), the 2nd prize (ex aequo) at the 4th Krzysztof Penderecki Composers' Competition (2017), and he became a winner of DYCE – Discovering Young Composers of Europe Call for Scores (2019). In 2013 he received the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Award for best students and in 2015 he won the Art Scholarship of the City of Kraków.

In 2014, Piotr Peszat and visual artist Katarzyna Feiglewicz won the competition for the Artistic Residency in Fljótstunga in Iceland, during which they jointly designed and implemented the installation Inside Earth Outside. He has also won composition competitions organised by Ensemble Recherche (Klassenarbeit" 2014), Ensemble MusikFabrik in collaboration with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute (“Composer Collider” 2014), Ung Nordisk MusikFestival Danmark (“UNM” 2015), and the Ensemble Adapter (“Adoptions” 2016).

His music has been featured at numerous international workshops and festivals such as Ostrava Days (2011), Nature Meets Music in Görlitz (2012), John Cage Birth Centenary Conference in Lublin (2012), 24th International Festival of Kraków Composers (2011), GeoSounds, as a composition tutor (2012-14), Pulsar Festival (2014, 2015), RAMA Festival in Aarhus (2014, 2015), "Wawel at Dusk" Festival (2014), Aarhus Jazz Festival (2014), International Summer Course for Composers in Radziejowice (2014), Lucerne Festival (2014, 2015), "Warsaw Autumn" International Festival of Contemporary Music (2014, 2016), China Day Music Festival (2014), PanoRAMA Festival (2015), MCI Summer Campus (2015), Europäisches Forum Alpbach (2015), Ung Nordisk Musik Festival (2015), Musica Polonica Nova (2016), Musica Electronica Nova (2016), Darmstadt Ferienkurse Für Neue Musik (2016), Donaueschinger Musiktage Next Generation (2016), Audio Art Festival (2016, 2017, 2019), Poznań Music Spring (2017), Malta Festival (2017), NeoArte Festival (2017), Sacrum Profanum Festival (2017), Ultraschall Festival in Berlin (2018), Mis-En Music Festival in New York (2019).

Since 2014 he has been the manager of the Spółdzielnia Muzyczna Contemporary Ensemble based in Kraków. His artistic activity combines elements of instrumental and electronic music as well as multimedia and performance. In addition to autonomous activities, he creates music for theatre (among others Chinka – TR Warszawa, Koniec Miłości – TP Bydgoszcz, Dziki – TD Wałbrzych, Trzynaście sztuk awangardowych – Cricoteka, Harlequin – Komuna Warszawa) and films (studio FilmLove). 

updated: 2016 (ab), 2020 (ac)

Artist's official website: www.peszat.com


Holy Mountain for flute (2011)
P-Equilibrum for chamber ensemble (2011)
Jamaica Plain for soprano, bass clarinet and cello (2012)
Praying Buddha for duduk, voice, percussion, sarangi and double bass (2012)
Dimensions of dialogue for orchestra (2012)
Victory over the Sun for orchestra (2012-13)
String Quartet No. 1 for viola, cello and 4 performers (2013)
Pensées fugitives for sinfonietta and tape (2013)
Symphony No. 1 for orchestra and electronics (2013-14)
Pensées étranglées for symphony orchestra (2014)
Interiør i Strandgade for chamber ensemble [version II for symphony orchestra] (2014)
...or this dream people call human life for sampler, percussion, electric guitar and string orchestra (2014)
Birth of Venus for cello and any string instrument (2014)
Mo Yan for percussion, gu-zheng, piano, accordion and cello (2014)
Museum of Sleep for upright piano and digital piano (2014)
Museum of Imaginary for amplified piano and video (2014)
The Poetry of Silence for amplified accordion (2014)
Ririchiyo for chamber ensemble and sampler (2015)
Peszat’s Got Talent for chamber ensemble, sampler, video and stroboscope (2015)
Computer Chronicles for wind octet (2015)
Duck and Cover for cello and video (2015)
$W33t for amplified piano and video (2015)
Birth of Venus, version for aplified cello, any string instrument, sampler and lights (2015)
Gellerupparken for 4 amplified bassoons, sampler and video (2015)
Even More Glory [????] of the Human Voice for piano and smartphone or 2 pianos or piano and actor (2015)
Los Armstrong Lakers for 11 brass instruments and sampler (2016)
Grocery Store Music for chamber ensemble and audio playback (2016)
Jenny's Soul. Or Dirk's? for percussion, audio playback and video (2016)
The Message for 2 pianos, audio playback and video (2016)
U.N. Owen Was Her? for electric string quartet, audio playback and video (2017)
My Body. My Capital., video with 2-ch audio (2017)
Jenny's Soul. Or Dirk's?, version for accordion, audio playback and video (2017)
The Artist's Way for symphony orchestra, audio playback and video (2017)
Untitled Folder for chamber ensemble and audio playback (2018)
Jenny's Soul. Or Dirk's?, version for accordion and audio playback (2018)
Grocery Store Music, version for chamber ensemble and electronics (2018)
Luzifer Trans, video with audio (2018)
Re-Performance, performance (2018)
Real Life Proof for chamber ensemble, audio playback and video (2018)
Vie et Passion du Christ for chamber ensemble, live electronics and video (2019)
Into the Heart of Hearts for string quartetaudio playback and video (2019)
SUPERGALLERY, multimedia performance (2019)
An Accomplished Young Lady for chamber ensemble, audio playback and live-video (2019)
Untitled Folder, version for chamber ensemble, audio playback, live-video and light (2019)
Jenny's Soul. Or Dirk's?, version for percussion, audio playback and video (2020)