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Edward Pałłasz,

composer, b. 30th August 1936 in Starogard Gdański; died 22nd December 2019. After studies at the Mechanical-Technological Departments of Gdańsk and Warsaw Polytechnics (1953-58), he studied musicology at Warsaw University (graduated in 1964).
He is a self-taught composer. In 1954-62 he worked in student theatres in Gdańsk (Bim-Bom) and Warsaw (STS), and in this period he began to compose for the theatre. In 1964-66 he was music director of the Komedia Theatre in Warsaw. In 1969-75 he lectured in the State Higher School of Theatre Studies in Warsaw, Dept. of Drama Directing. In 1984-88 and 1997-2003 he was vice-president, and in 1988-93 and again since 2003 – president of ZAiKS Authors’ Association, the copyright management company. In 1981-96 he served on the Repertoire Committee of the “Warsaw Autumn” Festival. In 1979-97 he was a member of the Management Board of the Polish Composers’ Union (treasurer in 1979-81, vice-president in 1981-83). At the onset of the Solidarity movement in Poland, he was co-founder of the Committee of the Alliance of Artistic Associations and Scientific Societies (1980), then – member of the Council of Culture which advised Lech Wałęsa, President of Poland. In 1995-98, he was director of Polish Radio Programme Two. Since 1999, he has held the function of deputy managing and artistic director of Warsaw Chamber Opera.
Edward Pałłasz has won numerous awards, including: Prix de musique folklorique of Radio Bratislava (1973) for Łado, Łado for lute or guitar and 24 voices (1973), 1st prize in the Polish Radio Competition in 1974 for A Black Cloud by the Edge of the Wood for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra (1974); 1st prize in the Grzegorz Fitelberg Competition for Composers in Katowice, 1976, for Symphony “1976”; 1st prize in the Guido d’Arezzo Competition for Composers in Arezzo in 1984 for De Beata Virgine Maria Claromontana per coro misto (1984); 1st prize in the Karol Szymanowski Competition for Composers in 1988 for Three Cassubian Songs for mixed choir (1988); 1st prize in a competition in Trident in 1990 for Brandelli di cielo for women’s choir (1988); 1st prize in the Jan Maklakiewicz Competition for Composers in 1991 for An Auburn-Haired Girl for orchestra (1986). In 1979, he was granted the Prime Minister’s Award for works for children, in 1986 – the President of Polish Radio and Television Award for radio compositions, in 1989 – Minister of Culture and Art Award. 1st Class.
His other distinctions include: the Commander’s and Cavalier’s Crosses of the Polonia Restituta Order, Gold Cross of Merit, Medal of the Committee of National Education, Medal of Merit to Polish Culture, Badge of Honour of the Capital City of Warsaw, Silver Medal and Badge of Honour of the ZAiKS Authors Association.

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Goodbye, Earth, songs and ballads for voice and piano * (1957-65)
Three Miniatures for orchestra (1958)
Painted Tower, suite for flute, clarinet and bassoon * (1959)
Thirty Songs for children for voice and piano (1960-72)
Ballads by Francois Villon [1st version] for voice and piano * (1965)
Star in the Sky, 11 Christmas Songs for voice and piano * (1965-67)
Fragments to Texts by Sappho for soprano, flute, harp, viola and percussion * (1967)
Epigrams for instrumental ensemble (1968-69)
Painted Kite and Other Songs for Children for voice and piano * (1969)
Miniatures for piano * (1970)
Homo Viator and Other Sacred Songs for voice and piano * (1970-81)
Cassubian Fables for piano * (1971)
Andzia in the Woods for chamber orchestra (1972)
Fables for wind quintet * (1972)
Father and Three Daughters for chamber orchestra (1972)
Where the Devil Won’t Cope, or the Little Red Shoes, television opera (1973)
Hops for alto and chamber ensemble (1973)
Four Polish Dances in the Old Style for orchestra (1973)
Łado, Łado, wedding melody from the Lublin region for lute or guitar and 24 voices * (1973)
Nove eventi per orchestra (1973)
A Puppet’s Dance for piano * (1973)
Music for the Royal Castle Courtyard for brass and kettledrums * (1974)
A Black Cloud by the Edge of the Wood, a folk melody from Mazowsze for mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra * (1974)
Three Cassubian Fables for orchestra * (1975)
Melancholy Waltz for orchestra * (1976)
Symphony “1976” * (1976)
Folksongs for alto and piano * (1977)
Violin Concerto (1978)
Pastor et Magister for mixed choir (1979)
Musical Journeys for piano * (1979)
Three Folksongs from Mazowsze for children’s choir (or women’s choir) (1980)
Four Folksongs (from the Radom region) for mixed choir * (1980)
Blue Carol for mixed choir * (1981)
Christmas Tree Decorations for piano * (1981)
A Melody from Kociewie for three violins (1981)
Melodies from Kociewie, 12 easy pieces for piano * (1981)
On a Journey and Other Songs for children’s choir * (1981)
Eight Christmas Songs to words by Ernest Bryll for mixed choir * (1981)
Winter without A Friend for violin, cello and piano (1981)
Sonatina for piano * (1982)
Suite from Kociewie for 4 violins * (1982)
Three Mourning Songs for mixed choir * (1982)
Suite from Kociewie for orchestra (1982-83)
Teach Me, O Lord for mixed choir (1983)
Supplicatio for soprano, bass, girls’ choir, mixed choir and orchestra (1983)
Two Recollections of Childhood for bass clarinet and marimba * (1983)
De Beata Virgine Maria Claromontana per coro misto * (1984)
Variations on the Theme of Psalm LVI by Mikołaj Gomółka for wind quintet * (1984)
Three Songs by Troubadours and Trouveres for 3-part mixed choir * (1984)
Twenty-Six Carols and Christmas Songs from Father Mioduszewski’s Songbook for voice and piano * (1985)
Apostrophe for piano quartet * (1986)
An Auburn-Haired Girl for orchestra (1986)
Troubadour’s Song for 2 cellos * (1987)
Two Dreams of Life and Death for 17 strings * (1987)
Children’s Songs for voice and piano (1988)
Three Cassubian Songs for mixed choir (1988)
Brandelli di cielo for women’s choir (1988)
Ballads by Francois Villon [2nd version] for bass-baritone and string orchestra * (1990)
Rains to the Sides [2nd version] for voice and piano (1994)
Cassubian Carols for mixed choir (1994)
The Messiah Has Come for alto and mixed choir (1999)
Three Romantic Songs to Words by C.K. Norwid for voice and piano (2001)
Jewish Lullabies for voice and piano (2003)

literatura wybrana

Gąsiorowska Małgorzata Pałłasz Edward In: Encyklopedia Muzyczna PWM [PWM Music Encyclopaedia] (biographical part ed. by Elżbieta Dziębowska], vol. “N-Pa”, PWM, Kraków 2002



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