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Paweł Siek,

composer; b. 8th May 1993 in Lublin. In 2012 he graduated with honours from the Tadeusz Szeligowski Music School in Lublin. He studied composition with Wojciech Widłak at the Academy of Music in Kraków, Poland (2012-18), with Alessandro Solbiati at the Milan Conservatory, Italy (2013-14) and under the tutelage of Steve Rouse and Krzysztof Wołek at the University of Louisville School of Music, USA (2017). He also studied electroacustic composition under Marek Chołoniewski and Krzysztof Wołek. He has worked in the electroacoustic studios in Lviv, Kraków, Louisville and Milan. Currently he is working towards a PhD in composition at the Academy of Music in Kraków under the supervision of Wojciech Widłak and Marcin Pączkowski from the University of Washington.

Paweł Siek has participated in the composers’ symposia and masterclasses in Ostrava, Kraków, Milan, Louisville, Bratislava, Mürzzuschlag, Vienna, Lviv, Katowice and Budapest. He has consulted his works with Alvin Lucier, Yann Robin, Christian Wolf, Alex Mincek, George E. Lewis, Alla Zagaykevych, Clemens Gadenstätter, Zygmunt Krauze, David Dzubay, Hanna Kulenty, Jerzy Kornowicz, and Martin Schüttler.

He is a laureate of several composers competitions, including 1st Prize at the 10th Zygmunt Mycielski Composers Competition in Warsaw (2019), 2nd prize at the Sinfonia Varsovia's "Warsaw Polonaise for Independent" Composers Competition (2018), 2nd prize at the “Concert Etudes for Piccolo” International Competition in Denver (2016), 1st and 3rd Prize at the Polish Composers Competition in Bydgoszcz (2012). He became a finalist of International Stanisław Moniuszko Composers' Competition issued by the Polish National Opera (2019) and the finalist of DYCE – Discovering Young Composers of Europe Programme (2019). In 2016 he was awarded the prize of the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the “Sapere Auso” Foundation scholarship.

Paweł Siek's music has been performed in Poland, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Austria, Estonia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, China, United States and Australia, during such festivals, as: Ostrava Days, Warsaw Autumn Festival, European Music Festival Neerpelt, aXes Kraków, Orfeus Festival Bratislava, Elementi Kraków, New Music Festival Louisville, La Folle Journée Warsaw, mdw Festival Vienna, Intenrational Festival of Kraków Composers, Festival in Stalowa Wola, Witold Lutosławski Forum in Lublin, Festival of Science and the Arts in Kraków, Contrasts International Contemporary Music Festival in Lviv. It has been interpreted by such ensembles as: Sinfonia Varsovia, Lviv Symphonic Orchestra, mdi Ensemble, SortHul Ensemble, Ensemble U:, EnsembleSpectrum, Canticum Ostrava, Hashtag Ensemble, Music Cooperative Contemporary Ensemble, Nostri Temporis, as well as by soloists: Iwona Glinka, Parker Ramsay, Ross Carrey, Michael Kieran Harvey, Krzysztof Augustyn, Nazar Stets, Ghenadie Rotari.

His works have been released on CDs recorded by Sinfonia Varsovia, EnsembleSpectrum (New Dawn), Michael Kieran Harvey, Iwona Glinka (One Minute, awarded by the Global Music Awards 2017) and included in the Sound Chronicle of the Warsaw Autum. They were transmitted by Slovak, Swedish and American radios, as well as issued by The Shanghai Conservatory of Music Publishers.

He is also an Italian Interpreter, music editor and snowboarder.

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Drei barometrische Lieder for soprano, upright piano and aeolian harp or tape (2013)
rgb for alto saxophone and timpani (2013)
Le botteghe color cannella for soprano, oboe, bass clarinet and percussion (2014)
Monzabout, performance for cars and roundabout in Monza (2015)
Anamnesis. The Dialogues of Plato in Three Scenes for instrumental ensemble and dancers (2015)
I Frantumi del continuo for clarinet, accordion and piano (2015)
Nocturne Parisien for acoustic guitar and double bass (2015)
back-worlds for instrumental ensemble and vacuum cleaner (2015)
I Frantumi del continuo for clarinet, accordion, piano and choir (2015/2018)
Concert Étude for piccolo flute (2016)
Midspaces for clarinet, violin, cello, piano and tape (2016)
…the skies would be frozen, if they were not high-cut filtered... for double bass and electronics (2017)
Mazurka for piano and electronics (2017)
Four Vocalises for voice and percussion (2017)
Lignes d’hauntologie / 1949? for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2017)
Osc. A / endspore formation #1 for 2 organs in microtone tuning (2018)
Non essere giù, Orfeo for harp solo (2018)
Summers of Jonagold. 230V Electric Guitar Concerto (2018)
Polonaise "Rebirth"  for symphony orchestra (2018)
Melomani / tape: A, side: B, symphonic suite for percussion, amplified jazz double bass, tape recorder and orchestra (2018)
neoplast. comp. (2nd floor) for flute, clarinet, electric guitar, percussion, viola and double bass (2019)
sound design for film Gabinet doktora Caligari (2019)
sound design for film Pancernik Potiomkin (2019)
Ped. – stretto 3. (elettronico) – 1973 – ** for chamber ensemble (2019)
they hum, 36 degrees, the forest opera  (2019)
#fuoribalconi for accordion and electronics (2020)