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Cezary Duchnowski,

composer and pianist; b. 25th February 1971 in Elbląg. He studied composition with Leszek Wisłocki at the Karol Lipiński Music Academy in Wrocław. He was one of the initiators of the Computer Composition Studio at this Academy, where he currently teaches computer music and other subjects.

He writes chamber and symphonic works, film and theatre music. He also creates multimedia projects such as the interactive opera Martha’s Garden to a libretto by Piotr Jasek. His music has been performed by ensembles such as musikFabrik, London Sinfonietta, Deutsche Symphonie-Orchester, Hilliard Ensemble, AuditivVokal Dresden, at festivals in Poland and other countries, including Warsaw Autumn, Ultraschall (Berlin), Sacrum Profanum (Cracow), Synthèse (Bourges), Other Spaces (Moscow), Sonic Exploration (London), Wratislavia Cantans and Musica Electronica Nova (Wrocław).

Lately, he has focused on electroacoustic music. In the ElettroVoce duo with Agata Zubel he develops projects for voice and electronics. As a great promoter of improvised music, he eagerly collaborates with jazz musicians and other artists for whom live music-making is a life’s passion. With Paweł Hendrich and Sławomir Kupczak, he founded Phonos ek Mechanes, an ensemble performing "human electronics", a special type of improvised electronic music in which computers are controlled by acoustic instruments. In 1997 together with Marcin Rupociński, he founded Morphai, a project for interdisciplinary artistic initiatives.

Cezary Duchnowski has held scholarships from the Friends of the Warsaw Autumn Foundation, AUKSO Music Foundation, Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Experimentalstudio der Heinrich-Strobel-Stiftung des SWR in Freiburg, and the Ernst von Siemens Foundation. He is the winner of numerous awards, including the 1st prize at the International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music in Rome for monada 3 for voice, piano and computer (2004) and a special award at the Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition for contemporary music performers in the Netherlands (together with Agata Zubel; 2005). In 2012 he received the Polish Composers’ Union’s award for outstanding achievements in electronic music and teaching.
updated: December 2014 (ai)

Composer’s website: www.duchnowski.pl


Żuławy Impressions for chamber orchestra (1993)
Epic Poem of Hops for soprano, actors’ choir and symphony orchestra (1996)
Poems from the Rabble of Nobody’s Thoughts for choir, 3 sopranos, piano and harpsichord (1996)
Blues in C for symphony orchestra * (1996)
Taps, concert-performance for soprano, piano, quintet, dance theatre and actor (collective composition) (1997)
Hypér tes morphés for tape (1998)
Morphai, multimedia spectacle for soprano, saxophone, piano, marimbaphone and electronics with dance, performance and video (collective composition) (1998)
Mediants for string quartet, harpsichord and piano (1998)
Games, audiovisual show for soprano, saxophone, piano, marimbaphone and electronics with dancers and actor (with Marcin Rupociński) (1998)
Vernissage for photos, piano and tape (collective composition) (1999)
Ludus for symphony orchestra (2000)
Ovinu Malkeinu for tape (2000)
monada 1 for accordion and 2 violins (2001)
Sequences, audiovisual performance (2001)
The Beginning. Broadcast 1 for reciting voice and electronics * (2001)
Progress for soprano and electronics (2001)
Ruffled Through (Wyczochraczone) for computer (2002)
Dishevelled Grass for voice and computer (2002)
Triads for string orchestra and electronics * (2002)
The Aim. Broadcast 2 for reciting voice and electronics (2002)
monada 2 for trumpet, voice and computer (2003)
Meloodia for Arvo Pärt for 4 male voices and tape (2003)
monada 3 for voice, piano and computer (2003)
monada 4 for Baron, Wojtasik and computer (2003)
Reality on Braces Stretched from the Window for clarinet, trombone, piano, cello and electronics (2004)
No-skyscrapers for string orchestra and computer (2004)
10 1, 8 2, 6 3, 4 4 for string quartet (2005)
The Gate for symphony orchestra and computer (2005)
Beard for cello and computer (2005)
Szymborskie Improvisations for voice, piano and computer (2005)
Martha’s Garden, chamber opera for female voice, actor, electronic media and instruments to a libretto by Piotr Jasek (2006)
Apoftegmata for tape (2006)
monada 5 for at least 3 improvising musicians and computer (2006)
Szymanki Kurpianowskie for voice, piano and computer (collective composition) (2007)
Reality on Braces Stretched from the Window for 2 pianos, string orchestra and computer (2008)
Sweater. Broadcast 3 for reciting voice and electronics (2008)
Cello_net for cello octet (2009)
City Voices for symphony orchestra, choir and computer (2009)
Cast of Dice for 3 computers (2009)
Stazione Termini, music for a Wrocław Pantomime Theatre's performance (2010)
1 5 1, 2 4 2, 3 3 3 for violin, cello and electronics (2011)
Crossfade for accordion, cello and electronics (2011)
i for instrumental groups and electronics (2012)
Fere Vetus Canticum for voice and accordion (2012)
The End of Poetry for voice, electric cello, orchestra and electronics (2012)
Acc++ca for accordion and computer (2012)
Stone—River—Rhythm for 4 violas da gamba and electronics (2013)
Music of Spatial Forms for voice, cello, strings and electronics (2013)
Parallels for piano, MIDI keyboard, percussion and cello (2014)
Drone Music for instruments and electronics (2014)
Symphony of Sets for group of instruments and electronics (2015)
Fables of Robots, co-opera for typewriter, percussion instruments, unconventional instruments, 2 accordions, electric guitar, MIDI keyboard, cello/electric cello, electronics, visualizations and dubstep dance (with Paweł Hendrich) (2015-2016)
Sequenza I. Study for a Second Cymbal Stroke for cymbal and computer (2016)
Ball of Spring Plenitude for instruments and electronics (2017)
cROSSFAdE 2 for accordion, viola and electronics (2017)