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Jacek Wiktor Ajdinović,

composer and cellist, b. 1st March 1985 in Cracow. His first music teachers were his grandfather Stanisław Stefański and Krystyna Muszańska; he also learned the piano with his mother. At the age of seven he entered Andrzej Pall’s cello class at the Mieczysław Karłowicz State 1st- and 2nd-Level Music School Complex in Cracow. He continued his cello study with Zdzisław Łapiński, graduating in 2004. As a composer, he worked in 2001-04 under the artistic guidance of Marek Stachowski, whom the young artist regularly consulted. He also took part in cello master classes taught by Barbara Marcinkowska and Ulf Tischbirek, and in the Seminar for Composers and Music Theorists in Rycerka Górna. In 2005 he received the Artistic Scholarship of the City of Cracow (for musicians) and in 2006 – the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage and of the Ministry’s Fund for the Promotion of Creativity.

 Piano improvisation has preoccupied the composer since early childhood. As an eight-year-old he made two appearances in the “Loch Camelot” Cabaret, performing his own songs. These concerts were broadcast by Cracow TV. In 2001 his trio Saros I for flute, cello and xylophone op. 39 (2001) took the 3rd prize in the National Competition for Composers “Crescendo” in Tarnów, and in the following year he won another 3rd prize in the same competition for his Fantasmagoria op. 46 for flute, clarinet, horn, violin, viola and cello (2002). He was also twice awarded in the competition organised by the Young Composers’ Circle of the Polish Composers’ Union: in 2004 – for Dialogo per violoncello solo (2002), and in 2006 – for String Quartet No. 2 ‘Futurum’ (2002).

The music of Jacek Wiktor Ajdonivić had been performed both in Poland (during the concerts of the PCU’s Young Composers’ Circle – “Warsaw Autumn” fringe events, International Days of Music by Cracow’s Composers, the 1st “New Music – New Faces” International Festival of Young Composers and Performers in Cracow, the “Probaltica” Festival in Toruń, the European Artistic Encounters in Toruń) as well as Germany (Lübeck), Ukraine (“Musical Premieres of the Season” International Festival of Contemporary Music in Kiev), Belarus (“Dialogues” International Festival of Contemporary Music in Minsk, named after this composer’s work) and in France.

Jacek Wiktor Ajdonivić has also played contemporary chamber music (including his own compositions) in Poland and recorded his performances for the Polish Television TVP. As an improviser, he has appeared at home and abroad in a duo with Justyna Kowalska-Lasoń (flute).

In 2003-12 Jacek Wiktor Ajdinović was a member of the Young Composers’ Circle of the Polish Composers’ Union, in which he held the positions of Secretary (2004-06) and President (2006-08). He has initiated and directed the 'New Music – New Faces” International Festival of Young Composers and Performers in Cracow, first held in June 2006. He has co-organised numerous concerts in Poland and abroad, making possible the performance of more than 50 works by young Polish and foreign composers. In 2005 he became a member of the International Society for Contemporary Music, Polish Section. Since 2007, he has been the President of Polish Artists' Association SAP.

His composition Notturno e corale per archi (2010) was recorded for the Polish Radio by the “Amadeus” Chamber Orchestra of the Polish Radio. Previously, his music had been recorded live by such ensembles as: the Camerata Quartet, Akademos Quartet, Archi Trio and Quartet, and released on three CDs as part of the “Warsaw Autumn” Sound Chronicle. They have also been recorded by the Belarussian Radio.

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The Composer's website: www.ajdinovic.eu


Autumn Prelude for clarinet (or oboe), cello and piano (1998)
Overture to the Poem “In the Palmhouse” for string orchestra (1999)
Poem “In the Palmhouse” Op.1 for flute, oboe, trombone, horn, timpani and string orchestra (1999)
Arco-Pizzicato Op. 2, little fantasia for violin and cello (1999)
Nocturn de November Op. 3 for oboe, cello and harpsichord (1999)
Etude a fin de jour Op. 4 for oboe (1999)
Etude “Ab ovo” Op. 5 for piano (1999)
Primo concerto rinascimento 2000 Op. 6 for cello, harpsichord and string orchestra (2000)
Rhapsody “Ab ovo” Op. 7 for 2 cellos and symphony orchestra (2000)
After Storm Op. 8 for flute and piano (2000)
For Cello Solo Op. 9 (2000)
Sunset Op. 10 for oboe and string quartet (2000)
Before Storm Op. 11 for flute, oboe and cello (2000)
For Cello Solo Op. 12 (2000)
After Storm Op. 13 for flute, oboe and cello (2000)
For Saint Maurice’s op. 15 for oboe and cello (2000)
Concertino “Fantaisie d’Automne” Op. 16 for cello, flute, oboe, string quartet and timpani (2000)
For Two Cellos Op. 17 (2000)
Tones of a Certain Colour Op. 18 for cello and chamber orchestra (2000)
Erratum Op. 19 for cello and piano (2000)
Serio solo Op. 20 for marimba (2000)
...in the Breeze Op. 21 for oboe and cello (2000)
Twenty-Twenty One Op. 22 for flute, oboe, cello and organ (2001)
Lux in tenebris Op. 23 for string quartet (2001)
In the Breeze Op. 24 for oboe and chamber orchestra (2001)
Magnitude Op. 25 for cello and piano (2001)
Primo violino con gusto Op. 26 for violin and string orchestra * (2001)
Couleur locale Op. 27 for oboe, 2 cellos and marimba (2001)
For Cello Solo Op. 28 (2001)
Le cahier de chansons pour hautbois Op. 31 (2001)
Symphoniae Op. 32 for organ (2001)
Mauretanian Symphony Op. 33 for symphony orchestra (2001)
Sine loco Op. 34, trio for flute, cello and xylophone (2001)
Symphony of a Dream Op. 36 for harpsichord and string orchestra (2001)
Portrait I Op. 37 for cello and piano (2001)
Spumato Op. 38, vocalise for mixed choir (2001)
Saros I Op. 39, trio for flute, cello and xylophone * (2001)
In memoriam Halina Czerny-Stefańska Op. 40, piano duet * (2001)
Saros II Op. 41, string quartet * (2001)
Portrait II Op. 42 for cello and piano (2001)
Divertimento hermeticus Op. 43 for symphony orchestra (2001)
Symphony for Christmas for mixed choir, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 horns, tuba, marimba, xylophone, harpsichord and string orchestra (2001)
String Quartet No. 2 'Futurum' Op. 44 * (2002)
Phantasmagoria Op. 46 for flute, clarinet, horn, violin, viola and cello * (2002)
Stone and Nightingale Op. 47 for symphony orchestra * (2002)
Kusadasi – The Island of the Birds Op. 48, piano concerto (2002)
Sonate 'Hommage à Max Reger' Op. 49 for cello and (2002)
Dialogue pour basson (2002-2005)
Daylight Symphony No. 1 Op. 50 for symphony orchestra (2003)
Arrière-pensée du temps, piano trio (2005)
La Promenade [1st version] for trumpet (2006)
Arius for organ (2006)
Concerto for Cello and Symphony Orchestra (2006)
La Promenade [2nd version] for alto saxophone (2006-2007)
Litany for soprano and piano (2007)
Kyrie for soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, string quartet and organ (2007)
Preludio for piano (2007)
Sextett for clarinet, string quartet and piano (2008)
Notturno e Corale per archi (2010)
Obsession and Play for viola solo (2013)

literatura wybrana

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