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Marek Sewen, conductor, composer, viola player; b. 4th September 1930 in Poznań. In 1952-56, studied viola, composition and conducting at the State Higher School of Music in Poznań. Before graduation, he joined the Poznań Philharmonic, and then worked for the National Philharmonic Orchestra for 10 years. He was in the United States in 1965-66, working for the MGM Studios.
In 1968, at the Warsaw Society of Music, he formed a chamber orchestra known as Warszawskie Smyczki (the Warsaw Strings) consisting of the most outstanding musicians of the National Philharmonic. In 1975, he set up the Capella Arcis Varsoviensis which invoked the old musical tradition of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. In 1985, the Capella was transformed into the Warsaw Chamber Orchestra with which Marek Sewen made a concert tour of four continents and recorded CDs for domestic and international producers. In 1985, he established the Warsaw Symphony Orchestra which was to perform at ceremonious concerts and major artistic events in Warsaw.
Marek Sewen also performed with other symphony orchestras, conducting, i.a., in Greece, Venezuela, Russia, Bulgaria, France, Germany and Japan.


Marek Sewen says that if he had not been attracted by music, he would have become an architect. Creation is his major passion. He organizes music ensembles, records, gives concerts, and composes...
Dynamic concert performances are inseparable from his creative skills for which an orchestra is a means to achieve what is intended. His music, rooted in Neoclassicism with elements of musical Romanticism, won him international acclaim. He composes music for the theater, film, radio, television, and entertainment, he arranges and adapts classical and folk music. In his compositions he makes use of modern language – also the vanguard one.
As a practicing musician well versed in the techniques of string instruments, he shuns elaborate graphic notation in music, favoring the traditional one with the help of which he is able to express quite surprising tonal and dynamic effects.
Music composed by Marek Sewen has won him international appreciation at competitions and festivals staged in Athens, Bucharest, Caracas, Berlin and Poland (the Polish radio award).

tel./fax: (+48 22) 831 63 63, e-mail: marek.sewen@gmail.com

(Warsaw Music Edition)


op. 1 - Christmas Carols and Pastorals for a voice and piano (1960)
op. 2 - Two Songs to the poems by Maria Konopnicka (1960)
op. 3 - Polish Festive Music in Old Style (1962)
op. 4 - Concerto Overture for symphony orchestra (1963)
op. 5 - Reminiscences for viola solo (1963)
op. 6 - Hansel and Gretel a musical fable, lyrics by Wacław Panek (1967)
op. 7 - Margins for chamber ensemble (1970)
op. 8 - Music at the Royal Court (1970)
op. 9 - Canzone for trombone solo (1970)
op. 10 - Mickiewicz’s Fables, a musical suite for chamber orchestra (1979)
op. 11 - Flûte Concerto for flute and string orchestra (1987)
op. 12 - Concerto Grosso for strings and harpsichord (1987)
op. 13 - Serenade for Strings (1988)
op. 14 - Divertimento per 2 corni e archi (1989)
op. 15 - Stabat Mater for soprano and alto solo, female choir and chamber orchestra (1993)
op. 16 - Sinfonia Sacra for tenor solo and symphony orchestra (1995)
op. 17 - Trumpet Concerto (1996)
op. 18 - Soldiers’ Requiem for male choir and symphony orchestra (1997)
op. 19 - Overture “August W Hrs” for symphony orchestra (1997)
op. 20 - Okinoerabu a suite for chamber orchestra (1998)
op. 21 - Yokishima a poem for orchestra (1998)
op. 22 - Meditation for flute solo (violin solo, string orchestra) (1999)
op. 23 - Chante Funèbre for violin and piano (flute and piano, viola and piano) (1999)
op. 24 - Inflorescences for chamber ensemble (2000)
op. 25 - Passacaglia for symphony orchestra (2001)
op. 26 - Harpine for harp solo (2001)
op. 27 - Arioso for tuba solo (2002)
op. 28 - Elegy for cello solo (2002)
op. 29 - Petite Musique pour Deux Violoncelles Solo (2003)
op. 30 - Concerto per Fagotto for bassoon and chamber orchestra (2003)
op. 31 - Character Ballet “The Rat” in 3 acts for symphony orchestra (2003)
op. 32 - Oratory Symphony “Cantors Would Not Cease Singing” for tenor solo, orator, choir and symphony orchestra (2003)
op. 30a - Concerto per Viola (2003)
op. 33 - Three Erotic Poems to the lyrics of Jerzy Skokowski for a voice and piano (2004)
op. 34 - Three Prayer Songs to the lyrics of Father Wiesław Niewęgłowski (2004)

op. 35 - Those Women fours songs to the lyrics of Karol Wojtyła for a voice, flute and piano

op. 36 - The Third Symphony “Pilgrim” for soprano, tenor, choir and orchestra (2004)
op. 39 - Pożegnanie (2010)
op. 40 - Elegy rhapsody "Nowanta Sei" for string orchestra (2011)

op. 38 - Festive Music

op. 41 - Kronos String Quartet for string quartet (2013)

op. 42 - Kolberg Symphony for orchestra


op. 43 - Symphony "Wielkopolska 1918" for mens's choir and symphony orchestra