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Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska,
composer; b. 26th May 1968 in Warsaw. She finished the Fryderyk Chopin Secondary School of Music in Warsaw, having studied piano improvisation under Szabolcs Esztényi. She studied composition with Włodzimierz Kotoński (graduating in 1996) at the Academy of Music in Warsaw. In 2010 she obtained a PhD in composition from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, where she holds a position of an adjunct professor.
In 1994 she won the 1st prize at the Forum of Young Composers in Krakow for więc... Zaniki Pamięci for percussion solo and tape, while her To tylko czas... for trumpet, percussion and tape was presented at the 1996 International Rostrum of Composers in Amsterdam. She received scholarships granted by the Association of Authors and Composers ZAIKS (1999, 2001) and in 2008 and 2010 she was awarded a scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland (Fund for the Promotion of Artistic Creation). In 2012 she received an honourable mention and audience award at the 6th Petrov International Competition in St. Petersburg, and in 2013 - the 2nd prize at the 6th Mikołów Days of Music.
She has written solo, chamber, symphonic, electronic, and multimedia works, as well as papers on music and small literary forms.
Her composition have been presented at many concerts and festivals in Poland (Warsaw Autumn, Musica Polonica Nova, Poznań Music Spring, Jeunesses Musicales in Kielce, “Conversatorium” Festival of Organ Music in Legnica, Laboratory of Contemporary Music in Białystok, Forum of Young Composers in Krakow, Witold Lutosławski Forum in Warsaw, International Percussion Workshops in Bydgoszcz, International Percussion Forum in Żagań, Warsaw Music Encounters, concerts of the “Portraits of Composers” cycle organized by Polish Composers' Union) and abroad (France, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, USA, and China); they have been also released on CDs by Acte Préalable, DUX, Polonia Records, Audite and MONS, and published in print by PWM Edition and Norsk Musikforlag in Oslo.
Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska is also an educator. She teaches instrumentation, introduction to composition, and sight reading at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw (as a member of the Composition Department). In 1995-2009 she taught improvisation and introduction to composition at the Karol Szymanowski School of Music in Warsaw. She publishes articles in the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music's academic journal “Zeszyty Naukowe”. In the past she also collaborated with music magazines “Ruch Muzyczny” and “Życie Muzyczne”.
Anna Ignatowicz-Glińska is a member of Polish Composers' Union (since 2009 she has been the secretary general of its Warsaw section), Association of Authors and Composers ZAIKS, Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music, and Association of Eurythmics' Teachers and Lovers.
updated: November 2014 (ai)


Out, from above, from among ... for 2 pianos (1990)
Loop for clarinet, cello and piano (1991-93)
Record of Irrelevant Events for soprano saxophone and harpsichord * (1992)
Anaria for tape (1992)
Magic Signs for clarinet, cello and piano (new version) (1992-2006)
Nicowanie zamkniętych przestrzeni for orchestra (1993)
Silence Pierced with Absent-Mindness for 2 marimbas (1993)
Bagba [version I] for percussion trio (1993)
Rondo for tape (1993)
so… Memory Loss for percussion solo and tape (1994)
The Noise of Time and the Interior of Silence for string quartet (1994)
Separate Lands for alto saxophone, violin and guitar (1994)
Stabat Mater for mixed choir a cappella (1995)
Imitation of Heat for harpsichord * (1995)
The Traces of Incertitude for harpsichord and organ (1995)
and … like glass for trumpet and marimba (1995)
Is that so? for baritone and 2 percussionists * (1996)
Nothing was lost for organ * (1996)
It is only the time ... for trumpet, percussion and tape (1996)
Concerto breve for percussion and symphony orchestra * (1996)
Who's that knocking and what does he want? for 2 percussions, 2 groups of children, the public and light (1998)
The first pieces of clothing for chamber orchestra (1998)
Partita for violin and string orchestra (new version) * (1999-2009)
Partita No. 2 for violin solo * (2000)
Toccata for marimba (2001)
Lullaby for A. for piano solo (2003)
Passacaglia for marimba and vibraphone (2003)
Bagba [version II] for percussion trio (2003)
A Sign of My Times for mixed choir (2003)
String Quartet "Glimpses" (new version) (2003-2008)
Sinfonia for trumpet and organ (2004)
Aria da Capo for clarinet, cello and piano (2006)
Double Concerto for 2 percussionists and symphony orchestra (2006-2008)
Listening for flute and piano (for young performers) (2007)
still for piano * (2007)
Concerto for Marimba, Solo Trumpet and String Orchestra (2007-2008)
FORT U for percussion and piano (a duo for young performers) (2008)
Three Dances in Balkan Rhythms for piano 4 hands (2008)
Four Songs to Own Texts for baritone and piano * (2008)
Is That So?, cycle of songs to own texts, version for baritone and piano (2009)
„Apotemoza” – Aria Da Capo al Absurdum for soprano and marimba, to own text (2009)
Concerto grosso for 2 percussion orchestras (2009-2010)
Shadows for trumpet, horn and trombone (2010)
24 Hours: A Butterfly's Lifespan for soprano (vocalise), vibraphone and string orchestra (2010)
Partita, version for marimba and string quartet (2010)
The first pieces of clothing, version for symphony orchestra (2010)
Missa profana for soprano, tenor, baritone, mixed choir, instrumental ensemble and organ (2011)
PaRadomada 65331 for string orchestra (2011)
Porcelain Song to text by Czesław Miłosz for soprano and piano (2011)
Sinfonietta for symphony orchestra (2012)
De profundis for bass/baritone and organ (2012)
The Traces of Incertitude, version for marimba and organ (2012)
Sonatina for piano for a young player (2012)
Before Magnolias Blossom for double bass and piano (2012)
Praeter for string quartet (2013)
Five Songs to text by Dorota Gołaszewska for soprano and piano quintet (2013)
Sequentia persistence for 3 marimbas (2013)
It's Not Something You Can Describe to own text for vocal sextet (2014)
Bucolic I: Malvasia is shining to own text for mixed choir a cappella (2014)
Just Look… for piano (2014)