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Jakub Polaczyk,

composer; b. 8th March 1983 in Krakow. In 2010 he graduated from the Academy of Music in Krakow, having studied composition under Marcel Chyrzyński, electronic music under Marek Chołoniewski, and orchestration under Krzysztof Penderecki. In 2009 completed studies in musicology at the Jagiellonian University with the thesis written under the supervision of Małgorzata Woźna-Stankiewicz. In 2010-2011 he attended a postgraduate programme in computer, audiovisual, and film music in Łódź. In 2013 he obtained the Artist Diploma in Composition at the Carnegie Mellon University, as a full scholarship recipient studying under Dr. Reza Vali.

In recognition of his artistic achievements, Polaczyk received a scholarship of the Sapere Auso Foundation for the academic year 2006/2007. In 2008/2009 he participated in the Socrates-Erasmus student exchange programme, studying composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Music in Brussels with Jan van Landeghem. In 2010 he received a scholarship from the City of Krakow, and in 2013 – the "Młoda Polska" ("Young Poland") scholarship of the Ministry of Culture.

Jakub participated in a range of composing courses run by the Academy of Music in Krakow, as well as in summer courses in Ostrava (2009), Auvillar (2010), Maccagno (2012), Sävellyspaja (2013), Radziejowice (2013), Eugene (2014), Buffalo (2017), Redlands (2017) and Houston (2018). He worked under the supervision of Per Nørgård, Krzysztof Penderecki, Marta Ptaszyńska, Rytis Mauzulis, Fabien Lévy, Louis Karchin, Rebecca Saunders, Sukshi Kang, Leonardo Balada, David Macbridge, Mauricio Sotelo, Chen Yi, Agata Zubel, Erick Ewazen, Josh Levin, Henrik Hellstensius, and Zygmunt Krauze.

Jakub has won numerous awards in composition and songwriting. He received the 3rd prize at the Crescendo Composition Competition in Tarnów for DSCH for piano, flute, vibraphone and double bass (2004); 2nd prize (1st was not awarded) at the Adam Didur Composing Competiton in Sanok for An Ancient Book for voice and piano (2006); honourable mention at the Patri Patriae Composition Competition in Katowice for ApokElipsis for chamber orchestra (2006); 1st prize at the 5th Tadeusz Ochlewski Composition Competition for Combinations on Olympus for trombone solo (2007); honourable mention at the Composition Competition organized by the Polish Composers' Union and Polish Double Bass Society in Wrocław for Fantasy from stele for double bass and piano (2007); 1st prize at the Composition Competition marking the John Paul II Days for Oratio Fatima for mixed choir (2008); honourable mention at the 3rd "Srebrna Szybka" Composition Competition for Children and Youth in Krakow for Magic Map for harp and electronic sounds (2008); special award at the Jeju International Composition Competition in South Korea for Jam.exe for string orchestra (2009); 1st prize at the "Muzyka i Zabawa" Composition Competition held by the Centre for Children Art (Centrum Sztuki Dziecka) in Poznań for Jancio Muzykant for string quartet, computer and a child (2009); 1st prize at the the Orion Composers’ Competition in London for Fanfares Procession for orchestra (2010; the work was included in the Orion Symphony Orchestra's repertoire); honourable mentions at the "Mikołajowskie Granie" competition (part of the 3rd Henryk Mikołaj Górecki Competition in Rydułtowy) for Aleatoranka and Ciuchcia Tuwima for piano solo (2011); honourable mention at the Excellence in Composition Competition in Thessaloniki (2011); 2nd prize (1st was not awarded) at the Generace Competition in Ostrava for BAden-baDen-badEn (2012); honourable mention at the G. Archer Composition Competition in Pittsburgh for String Quartet No.1 "Postcards from Pittsburgh" (2012); honourable mention at the Adam Didur Competition in Sanok for I'vo Piangendo for bass-baritone and string quartet (2012); finalist of the 4th Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition in Prague (2013); 1st prize (ex aequo) at the 54th Tadeusz Baird Competition for Young Composers for Cosas que puedieron ser to the text by J. Borges (2013); 1st prize and the title of Iron Composer 2013 at the Iron Composition Competition in Cleveland, Ohio (2013); 3rd Place at the SongDoor Songwriting Competition in Nashville, Tennessee (2015); MACRO Composition Competition distinction in Madison, Wisconsin (2017), distinction at the International Composition Competition in memory of A. Schnitkee in Sochi, Russia (2018), the American Prize in Composition – two honorable distinctions in professional divisions for choral and chamber instrumental composition (2018); 1st prize at the 4th Concorso Internazionale di Compozicione del Clavicembalo in Milan for Trebito di Pandora for harpsichord (2019); the American Prize in Composition – first prize in instrumental chamber music professional division (2020).

Jakub Polaczyk's works were performed at the New Music New Faces Festival in Krakow (2005), Adam Didur Festival in Sanok (2006), Days of Krakow Composers (2007, 2010, 2011, 2013), Festival of Polish Music in Krakow (2007), "Srebrna Szybka" Festival of Music for Children and Youth in Krakow (2008), Ostrava Music Days (2009), Audio Art Festival in Krakow (2010), "Music Axes" in Krakow (2011), concerts held as part of the “Warsaw Autumn” Festival (2009, 2011), 5th International Contemporary Music Festival in Daegu (2008), International Conference in La Coruna, “Alma Mater” Festival in Budapest (2010), ISCM World Day of Music in Sydney (2010), Druskomnija in Lithuania (2012, 2013), "Summer Sounds" in Porvoo (2013) and Annual Contemporary Music Festival in San Francisco (2013), Blue Waters Orchestra in Cleveland (2014), Chopin and Friends in NYC (2015, 2016, 2017), NYCM - Students and Masters at the Carnegie Hall in New York (2016), June in Buffalo (2017), COLA Mise-En in Brooklyn (2017), Yuri Bashmet’s Festival in Sochi in Russia (2017), Monteverdi and Contemporaries in Milano (2018), Ball State New Music Festival (2018), NYC Electroacustic Music Festival (2018), and at the numerous Music Conferences in the United States (2013-2018).

Jakub’s works are published by Donemus, PWM, Feniks, and Euterpe in Poland, and online by Babel Scores and Arcomics. His music is released by Ablaze Records, Albany Records in the USA. In 2022 Awarded Silver Medal on Global Music Awards in California for his album "Union Square".

Polaczyk's compositions are the musical background for the movie A Conversation with Jakub Polaczyk, directed by Dennis Woytek (a professor at Duquesne University in Pennsylvania). The premiere of this documentary movie took place at the Polish & Slavic Center in Brooklyn on March 9, 2023 - on the occasion of Jakub Polaczyk's 40th birthday. The documentary was awarded Bronze statuette at the 44th Telly Awards in New York in the category of non-commercial documentaries.

As a pianist he collaborated with many artists and played with Carnegie Contemporary Ensemble, S.E.M., Mis-En, Centre Stage at Ballet Arts in Pelham, Martha Graham Dance Company and Cracow National Opera.

Jakub Polaczyk is teaching at the New York Conservatory of Music (since 2015). He gave lectures and presentations at Carnegie Mellon University (2013, 2018), Music Academy of Krakow (2014), Sichuan Conservatory of Music (2015), Kosciuszko Foundation in NY (2018), Wheaton University in Chicago, Nevada University Las Vegas (2022), Washington University in Seattle (2023). Polaczyk serves as Music Director of the Chopin and Friends Festival in New York City (since 2018) and Director of the JP2 Friendship Center in Manhattan, NY (since 2022). Since 2021 hosting program "Coffees after Bach" in the Polish Radio Chicago Am1030.

Jakub is a Steinway & Sons Artist partner, a member of ASCAP and the Polish Composers' Union.

updated: 2020 (ac), 2023 (wa)


Sonem JP for alto saxophone and piano (2002)
DSCH for flute, vibraphone, piano and double bass (2004)
Visions from light for solo piano (2005)
Matrix for instrument(s) (2005)
Genesis I (Eternal process A) for harpsichord solo (2005-2008)
Plejdesaunds for monodic instrument solo (2006)
Genesis II (At the Shadows' Theatre) for string trio, male and female voices (2006)
Piece for String Quartet (2006)
ApokElipsis for chamber orchestra (2006)
An Ancient Book for voice and piano (2006)
Clockophonia for glockenspiel, vibraphone, marimba and xylophone (2006)
... Crucifixus ... for mixed choir a cappella (2006)
PhatopoiAposiopesis (Requiem per gli avi) for piano and chamber orchestra * (2006-2007)
Refrained Wheel for amplified harpsichord, accordion and double bass (2007)
Antiphon for strings, clarinet and trumpet * (2007)
Combinations on Olympus for trombone solo * (2007)
Frozen moments for oboe, violin and double bass (2007)
WalkinG for cello solo (2007)
Dust for acoustic and electronic orchestra (2007)
Fantasy from stele for double bass and piano * (2007)
Oratio Fatima for mixed choir a capella (2008)
Sonata In Two Rooms for horn and cello (2008)
Polandia, czyli astralna kraina mazurków for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (2008)
Overture Talk for small orchestra (2008)
Magic Map for harp and electronic sounds (2008)
JAM.exe for string orchestra (2008)
Belgische Humoreske for guitar and violin (2008)
Hippocampus for marimba, vibraphone and electronic sounds (2008-2009)
Fanfares Procession for orchestra (2009)
Telegram for electric guitar, clarinet and piano (2009)
Jancio Muzykant, console game for for string quartet, projector and child (2009)
In Atonement for a male choir a cappella (2009)
Motet in the glaze of Bergson for piano trio (2009)
Pienińskie Pantomimy for 4 flutes solo (2009)
Rolaneska for violin and piano (2009)
Sang Mo for piano solo (2009)
Symphony A.D. 2010 for orchestra (2010)
Katar(z)ynka W. Pandorze for harpsichord solo (2010)
Stacja - Station for soprano, alto, toy and piano (2010)
Those calls@cells for 3 trumpets, 3 horns and 3 trombones (2010)
Aleatoranka for piano (2011)
Ciuchcia Tuwima for piano (2011)
Harlequin for piccolo and piano (2011)
Song before twelve for piano solo (2011)
Chroset I: Microns for flute, clarinet and cello (2011)
Songs of the Day for trombone quartet (2011)
Miłorzenie for baritone, contralto, ensemble and live video (2011)
BAden-baDen-badEn for accordion, harp, violin, piano, harp and 2 percussions * (2011)
Marching Pumpkins for orchestra (2011)
Oh, I Love Kraków for soprano and piano (2011)
String Quartet No. 1 "Postcards from Pittsburgh" (2011)
King and Knights for oboe quintet (2012)
Chroset III: Pok-a-tok for flute, harp, double bass, 3 percussions and video (2012)
al F.. e for viola, clarinet and prepared piano (2012)
I'vo piangendo for bass-baritone and string quartet (2012)
Le barche di Maccagno for flute, harp, double bass, 3 percussions and visualisations (2012)
Cosas que puedieron ser for high voice, glasses and prepared piano * (2012)
Sandy structures for wind orchestra (2012)
Squirrel Ball with Major F. for symphony orchestra * (2012)
2-Oxo-L-threo-hexano-1,4-lactone-2,3-enediol for string quartet (2013)
Ostalndler for wind quintet (2013)
Letters to Halny for clarinet and live video (2013)
Dance me to the end of rock for cello and prepared piano (2013)
Let's talk folk for violin, bassoon and harpsichord/toy piano (2013)
Flow for 2 flutes * (2013)
Around the bends for piccolo, clarinet, violin, viola,cello, double bass and trombone (2013)
Chroset II: duons for trombone and slide whistle [version II with electronics] (2013)
Finding You for trumpet, horn, trombone and whistling audience (2013)
Around the Blue-s. Spiral procession for chamber orchestra * (2014)
Aquamarine for orchestra (2014)
String Quartet No. 2 "Floating Microdreams" (2014)
Gateway for organs and assistant (2014)
J-ete for flute, bassoon and piano with staging (2014)
Possibilities for chorus (2014)
Chroset IV: Luton for strings (2014)
I-Act for 2 percussions (2014)
Oratio Akita for chorus (2014)
Floating Skies for electronics (2015)
From Tears for violin, clarinet and piano (2015)
Two and Half Piano installation (2015)
Christmas Postcard for strings (2015)
Lexington Run for strings (2015)
Lotos Rhymes for piano (2015)
Brevis for sopran and double bass/cello (2015)
Guidonium for 2 percussionists (2015)
Grand Royks for orchestra (2015)
Canzonetta Minore per due violini et viola (2015)
Carbonic Royks for tuba and strings (2015)
Titulus for 6 clarinets (2015)
Korpodyque for violin, haegum, gayagum and piano (2015)
Polish Lake for piano (2015)
Vivaldi Ride/Ruvido for strings (2015)
Alt Center for alto flute and tapping (2015)
Tubes for brasses (2015)
Covers for Piano (2015)
Sonettorium for baritone and string quartet (2015)
A Little New Year Profane for brass orchestra (2016)
Astorian Dyptyque for piano (2016)
Missa apuncta for solo sopran, vocal ensemble, 2 guitars, violin solo and organs (2016)
Cracked Spaces for strings (2016)
A Bit of Glass for violin and piano (2016)
Metal Royks for 2 trombones and tuba (2016)
Ricercari di primavera per oboe et sassofono (2016)
Toy Games for Toy Piano perfromence with toy horn and bird whistle (2016)
Dotted Twists for saxophone quartet (2016)
Fraszki durbaszki for viola and percussion (2017)
Drei Deutsche Souvenirs fur Blaser Quintet (2017)
Frozen Voices for chamber orchestra (2017)
Blue Dust for voices (2017)
3 Inks for solo violin (2017)
Act for T.K. for cello and piano (2017)
Orfeorium per Claudio for flute, harp, string trio (2017)
Double Emissions for 2 piccolos and 2 flutes C (2017)
Oniricana for orchestra (2017)
Dance of Fortune for strings and timpani (2017)
Fallen Azures for violin, cello and string orchestra (2017)
The Screams of Kain for organs with melodica (2017)
Redlander for 8 trombones (2017)
Sgraffito for flute, clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, violin and double bass (2017)
Eine Kleine Taschen Musik (2017)
Tamburion for 2 guitars and string quartet (2017)
S:ER;EN?A!D!E of U for guitar and 2 ping-pongs (2017)
Towards the Somber Sky for brass orchestra (2018)
Ticking Gleam for piano and 3 percussionsists (2018)
Mazurka-Fantasy for piano (2018)
Skyscraping Chaconne for orchestra (2018)
Culms  of Time for piano quintet (2018)
Culms for youth guitar ensemble (2018)
Union Square at Dusk for percussion quartet (2018)
Chains of Polon for orchestra (2018)
Pieninan Gasps for accordion solo (2018)
Somber Brush for band (2018)
JULLABY for symphony orchestra (2018)
Chroset V: Styrophonic Willows for flute, clarinet, violin, viola and piano (2018)
Rosy Canticles for soprano, baritone, chorus and orchestra (2018)
Two Beat-less Pongsters for orchestra (2018)
3 Thoughts from Hudson for guitar, violin and viola (2019)
OJIBBEWAY for flute, accordion and piano (2019)
Around the B-E-ES installation (2019)
Kleiner Marsch fur blaser orchestre (2019)
GEADA for orchestra (2019)
Fragments from Home for voice and ensemble (2019)
Halny Fantasy for clarinet solo (2019)
In the Republic of Dreams (2019)
Vetus oppidum for strings (2019)
 A fame et bello per soprano et orchestra (2020)
Three Earth Poems for bass and piano  (2020)
Symphony A.D.2020 for orchestra (2020)
Ginkyo-ya: Pendula (in memoriam K. Penderecki) for string quartet (2020)
Dance of light: "chanunpa" for 8 woodwinds, accordion and percussion (2021)
Whiters for alto flute and clarinet  (2021)
Peregrinations of Light for organ (2021)
Se prêcipiter plume pour Flûte et Violoncello (2021)
Dandelions from the Palisades for flute, clarinet and piano  (2022)
Loon for woodwind quintet  (2022)
Yoolcoo-Yulcoo-Yoolcoou for flute and harp  (2022)
Chroset No.7 : Un mémorial dans le vent du Temps. (Hommage a O. Messiaen) for clarinet, violin, cello and piano  (2022)
Waha'yoo Winds for alto flute and trombone (2022)
Chroset No.8 : Tiléles (Hommage a C. Vivier) for clarinet and piano (2023)
Peace SMS for soprano and organ (2023)
Chodok for recorder/flute and piano  (2023)