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Lublin | Chord XVI – choral music of Lublin composers


The Lublin Branch of the Polish Composers' Union invites you to a concert entitled "Chord XVI – choral music of Lublin composers", which will take place in the Lublin Archcathedral on 20 October 2019 at 8.15 p.m.

Since 1988, the Lublin Branch of the Polish Composers' Union has organized a series of chamber and occasionally symphonic concerts called "Chord". It's main goal is to promote the achievements of composers associated with Lublin and the Lublin region. Fifteen editions of the series took place between 1988-2015.

The honorary patronage over this year's concert was taken by the Metropolitan of Lublin, Archbishop Stanisław Budzik. An introduction will be given by the President of the Lublin Branch of the Polish Composers' Union, Mariusz Dubaj. The renowned Lublin choir 'Camerata Lubelska' conducted by Tomasz Orkiszewski will perform choral compositions of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki, Tadeusz Szeligowski, Andrzej Koszewski, Kazimierz Górski, Andrzej Nikodemowicz, Mieczysław Mazurek, Henryk Czyżewski and Mariusz Dubaj. Two works will receive their world premieres: Triptych by Andrzej Nikodemowicz and Missa Nova in Latin by Mariusz Dubaj.

The concert is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as part of the "Music" programme through the Polish Composers' Union in Warsaw.

Katowice | Music in the image of the Silesian Philharmonic


A unique multimedia symphony concert will take place on 18 October 2019 at the Silesian Philharmonic. The orchestral and organ sound will combine in total harmony, enhanced by live broadcast from the interior of a unique instrument consisting of 2500 pipes.

The Silesian philharmonics, together with the well-known organist Roman Perucki, will present organ in various roles – as a solo instrument and as a part of the orchestra ensemble, proving how many possibilities it offers and how surprising and delightful this instrument can be. Additionally, thanks to the cameras placed inside the local organ, music lovers gathered in the Karol Stryja Concert Hall will be able to see the operation of complicated mechanisms that the organist will set in motion with every touch of a key or pedal.

Roman Perucki has already completed over 2,500 recitals. He performed in the most famous cathedrals and concert halls of the world, each time delighting the audience with his skills.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: https://filharmonia-slaska.eu/ 

Warsaw | James Newton in Person


A concert on 19 October 2019 at 7 p.m. at the Witold Lutosławski Polish Radio Concert Studio in Warsaw will be the first opportunity for the Polish audience to listen to such a generous selection of the American composer, flautist and conductor James Newton’s works during a monographic concert showcasing the versatility of his talent. Sinfonia Iuventus will perform his compositions together with a jazz quartet.

James Newton (* 1953, Los Angeles, CA) has written more than 300 compositions. Newton’s pieces have been performed all over the world, from Carnegie Hall to the National Gallery in Berlin. His works span a variety of music genres, including chamber, symphonic, sacral, jazz, electronic, ethno, as well as ballet and modern dance music. In 1989, Newton published his handbook to flute improvisation (The Improvising Flute). He is the author of dozens of albums, including solo flute ones. James Newton is one of the most acclaimed jazz flute virtuosos. His recordings with Anthony Davis are among the most characteristic examples of the contemporary Third Stream.

“The music, which I write, first and foremost reflects my faith, which infuses my artistic life as a composer of sacred music” – said Newton. “Another recurring theme is inspiration from my African-American cultural roots”. In 1997, he wrote The Songs of Freedom opera, and in 2006, composed the Latin Mass which had its premiere in February 2007 in Prato, Italy.

As a musician, Newton visited Poland in 2007, when he played with Piotr Baron Quartet during the band’s tour of Poland and Hungary. The quartet performed in the following line-up: Piotr Baron, James Newton, Dariusz Oleszkiewicz and Mark Ferber. In the same year, James Newton performed twice with the Jarek Śmietana band (James Newton, Jarek Śmietana, Wojciech Karolak and Adam Czerwiński). During the upcoming concert he will perform with Polish musicians:  Piotr Baron, Dominik Wania, Maciej Adamczak, Łukasz Żyta and vocalists Marcela Wierzbicka-Opalińska and Dominik Opaliński. The programme will include, among others, Line of immortality for jazz quartet and orchestra, Psalm 119 for soprano and baritone, two versions of the famous Amazing Grace hymn, dedicated to Barrack Obama and the victims of the Charleston church massacre of 2015, and Glimpses of the Garden of Eden for French horn and orchestra. The concert will be conducted by Wojciech Semerau-Siemianowski – an acclaimed conductor and pianist.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information at: www.sinfoniaiuventus.pl 

Łódź | Chamber Music Concert at the Philharmonic


The Karol Szymanowski's masterpiece Myths in a new arrangement by the Łódź composer Olga Hans will be performed by Trio Vivo on 15 October 2019 at 7 p.m. at the Łódź Philharmonic.

A piano trio is an ensemble that combines the virtuoso possibilities of violin, deep sound of cello and harmonic richness of piano. Such a group – Tio Vivo – consists of three musicians associated with the Academy of Music in Łódź: Magdalena Kling-Fender, Robert Fender and Hanna Holeksa. On the stage of the Łódź Philharmonic, they will present Piano Trio in A minor, Op. 50 by Tchaikovsky, Piano Trio in G major by Claude Debussy and the famous Myths.

This piece by Karol Szymanowski testifies to the composer's fascination with Mediterranean culture. It comes from the period when sonic qualities were the most important to the composer – hence the imitation of the murmur of water or imitation of the sound of the pan flute. The work, written originally for violin and piano, was arranged by Olga Hans.

Information on tickets at: https://filharmonia.lodz.pl/pl/wydarzenia/koncert-kameralny-12 

Antonin | 2nd Polish Radio Chopin Festival

Festiwal Radia Chopin

The second edition of the Polish Radio Chopin Festival will take place on 15-20 October 2019 at the Hunting Palace of the Radziwiłł Princes in Antonin. The motto of this year's edition is: "Romantic fantasy and improvisation."

During the six evenings in the Radziwiłł Palace, visited by Fryderyk Chopin, well-known musicians will perform fantasies and improvisations not only by the artists of the Romantic era, but also by contemporary composers. Two concerts, with the participation of Kuba Stankiewicz and his ensemble and the Aleksander Dębicz – Marcin Zdunik duo, will be devoted to improvisation. Piotr Sałajczyk, Maciej Grzybowski, Julia Kociuban and Evgenij Bozhanov will present their virtuoso skills during piano recitals. Before the concerts, there will be 25-minute lectures by professors Irena Poniatowska, Iwona Puchalska, Ryszard Daniel Golianek, Jakub Stankiewicz and Wiesław Ratajczak, devoted to the idea of ​​fantasy and improvisation in music and literature.

The highlight of the inaugural concert will be the premiere of the piano composition commissioned by the Polish Radio Chopin – Sturm und Frieden by Aleksander Nowak, this year's winner of Polityka's Passport. It will be performed by Piotr Sałajczyk, who restores forgotten piano music of Polish composers to the stages, but is also a valued performer of modern music. The pianist will also present the Great Fantasy by Juliusz Zarębski as well as Mazurkas from Op. 50 and Masks op. 34 by Karol Szymanowski.

Admission to all concerts is free!

SEE: Facebook Event.

Łódź | 60 years of the Chamber Music Department at the Łódź Academy of Music

Am Lódź

The Grażyna and Kiejstut Bacewicz Academy of Music in Łódź will host concerts on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Chamber Music Department on 14-15 October 2019.

The Chamber Music Department is the oldest academic unit in Poland that focuses on chamber music. Founded by Kiejstut Bacewicz – the patron of the Academy – it continued its artistic and pedagogical activity continuously for 60 years. Currently, it operates as an Institute of Chamber Music, headed by dr hab. Hanna Holeksa. On the occasion of the jubilee, the Institute's employees and associates invite you to two concerts and an academic conference that will be held at the Palace of the Academy of Music in Łódź at 32 Gdańska St.

The celebrations will start on 14 October with a concert at 6.15 p.m. performed by pedagogues and associates of the Chamber Music Institute. The programme will include works by Sergei Rachmaninov, George Gershwin, Russel Peterson, Karol Szymanowski and Leopold Godowski. "Chamber music yesterday and today" is the title of the academic conference during which the employees and guests of the Institute will deliver lectures (from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). To end the celebrations, the Chamber Music Institute has prepared another concert, featuring compositions by Gustaw Mahler, Manuel de Falla, Paweł Klecki and Aleksander Tansman.

Admission to all events is free.

More information at: www.amuz.lodz.pl 

Warsaw | Match / Tabula Rasa

Scena muzyki nowej

Another performance in the "New Music Scene" series, organised by the Witold Lutosławski Society, will take place on 14 October 2019 at 7 p.m. in the New Theatre in Warsaw.

The concert will begin with two musical duels: in Mauricio Kagel's Match, already a classic of contemporary music, a drummer will act as a judge in a clash between two cellists, while in Maciej Jabłoński's Match, based on a fragment of Witold Gombrowicz's Ferdydurke, there will be a famous duel of grimaces between Miętus and Syfon. Emotions will be calmed, although not without some disruption, in the piece Strings in the Ground by Tomasz Sikorski, one of the most original characters of contemporary Polish music. The evening will end in the complete tranquillity of Tabula Rasa, the famous composition by Arvo Pärt.

More information at: https://nowyteatr.org/en/kalendarz/match-tabula-rasa

29th International Festival of Young Laureates of Music Competitions

The Institution for the Promotion and Dissemination of Music "Silesia" invites you to the 29th International Festival of Young Laureates of Music Competitions, which will take place on 13-27 October 2019.

This year's edition will feature 32 concerts with the participation of young artists – soloists and chamber ensembles, who amaze with their musical maturity and passion for music art. There will be concert dedicated entirely to winner of selected competitions: 18th Ada Sari International Vocal Artistry Competition in Nowy Sącz, 21st Imrich Godin International Vocal Competition IUVENTUS CANTI in Vrablach, 3rd International Competition for Sacred Vocal Music ARS ET GLORIA in Katowice, 5th International Chopin Competition in Rzeszów, Polish Piano Festival in Słupsk, and ARD International Music Competition in Munich.

In Katowice, the concerts will take place in the Concert Hall and the Bolesław Szabelski Auditorium at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music, NOSPR Chamber Hall, Radio Katowice Concert Studio, Silesian Library, Mieczysław Karłowicz State Music School, and the Archdiocesan Museum. A real kaleidoscope of musical specialties and various concert programmes awaits music lovers in Słupsk, Sandomierz, Nowy Sącz, Zakopane, Brzesko, Kędzierzyn-Kozle, and even in Slovak Košice.

Thanks to the cooperation with the Institute of Music and Dance within the "Composing Commissions" programme, the Festival will premiere new works by Miłosz Bembinow and Wojciech Ziemowit Zych.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programme available athttps://www.silesia.art.pl/kalendarz 

Warsaw | Listenings – concerts to be toured: 3rd edition


The third edition of the "Listenings – concerts to be toured" series will take place between 10 October and 3 November 2019 in the Królikarnia Park in Warsaw. "Hearing, persevere and transference" are the key words of this year's edition, which will focus on the details of concerts and musical performances invisible to the naked eye: sound waves, time, human–instrument relationship.

The concert series will begin with a hypnotic audiovisual performance In My Own Wave. Moving images by Katarzyna Korzeniecka inspired by the ebru – a centuries-old paper decorating technique – combined with the meditative music by the star of Polish electronic music scene Jacek Sienkiewicz will invite audience to a synesthetic journey into audiovisual space. During the performance at Królikarnia, both sound and image will be generated live for the first time. Computers, synthesizers and speakers will be used to create the sound waves. On the screen we will see a close-up of the water wave modified with buckets, cuvettes, brushes and boxes as well as pigments and other mysterious substances.

Time is an indispensable companion of the musician and artist in his profession. Thanks to the sound installation Systematics of heterotrphic organisms (outline) by Michał Libera, the time that is given to the recipient to get acquainted with the work – usually very short during the concerts – will be extended to allow the recipient to familiarize himself with work several times. The sound installation filling six museum rooms was created based on the novels by Franz Kafka.

The series will also premiere a DVD Incorporate released by BÓŁT publishing house, featuring works by Kuba Krzewiński and Rafał Zapała.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Full programme available at: http://www.krolikarnia.mnw.art.pl/aktualnosci/sluchy-koncerty-do-zwiedzania-edycja-3,44.html