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Gdańsk | 15 Quartets for the 15th Anniversary of NeoQuartet

NeoquartetThe NeoArte Association and NeoQuartet are announcing a competition for a composition for string quartet with electronics (optionally with a video layer) as part of the project "15 Quartets for the 15th Anniversary of NeoQuartet". The deadline for submitting works is 28 November 2021.

The final of the project "15 Quartets for the 15th Anniversary of NeoQuartet" will be held on 9-12 December 2021 in Gdańsk. During the three days of concerts, NeoQuartet will perform 15 quartets written for the ensemble in 2021 by composers from around the world, including Poland, South Korea, Germany, Slovakia, Iran, Norway and Finland.

An integral part of the project is the international composition competition (for artists up to 35 years of age) to write an electro-acoustic string quartet. Three winning compositions will be performed on 9 December 2021 at 8.00 p.m. in the Artists' Colony in Gdańsk.

The competition is co-financed by the City of Gdansk and the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

More information: https://neoarte.pl/projekty/konkurs-kompozytorski/ 

Opole | Opera at Philharmonic: "The Haunted Manor"

FOAs part of its 70th anniversary season, the Józef Elsner Opole Philharmonic invites you on 10 December 2021 at 7.00 p.m. and on 11 December 2021 at 6.00 p.m. to the concert performances Stanisław Moniuszko's The Haunted Manor.

The action of the four-act opera composed to the libretto by Jan Chęciński takes place in the first half of the 18th century. It tells the sotry about two brothers, Zbigniew and Stefan, who – after having finished their service in the army – return to their homeland with the intention to remain bachelors. The author of the work, despite the experience of studying and working abroad, made the decision to return to his homeland (which at that time did not exist on maps), and through his operas he criticized the society and illustrated social conflicts. The Haunted Manor, written at the beginning of the 1860s, became a patriotic manifesto, and for this reason it was banned by the censorship.

This legendary work will be performed by the Opole Philharmonic Orchestra and the Silesian Opera Choir under the baton of Tadeusz Kozłowski, who this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of his artistic activity. As soloists will perform: Aleksandra Kubas-Kruk (Hanna), Monika Ledzion-Porczyńska (Jadwiga), Paweł Skałuba (Stefan), Adam Palka (Zbigniew), Anna Borucka (Cześnikowa), Leszek Skrla (Miecznik), Wołodymyr Pańkiw (Skołuba), Albert Memeti (Damazy), Stanisław Duda (Maciej), Iwona Noszczyk (Marta), Michał Bagniewski (Grześ), Jolanta Wyszkowska (Old Woman).

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Ticket Information: https://filharmonia.opole.pl/ 

Kraków | Cracow Duo celebrates its 20th anniversary

CracowDuoThe Polish Composers' Union – Krakow Branch and the Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music in Krakow invite you to a concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Cracow: Kalinowski & Szlezer which will take place on 4 December 2021 at 7.00 p.m. in the Aula "Florianka" Hall.

The cellist Jan Kalinowski and pianist Marek Szlezer studied together in Cracow and Paris and began to perform together as Cracow Duo twenty years ago. Since that time their concerts and recordings received the highest critical acclaim in Poland and abroad. They share a special commitment and fascination with music written by rarely performed Polish composers. Among their many programs, the Cracow Duo frequently presented compositions for cello and piano by Fryderyk Chopin, Aleksander Tansman, Karol Szymanowski, Zygmunt Stojowski, Szymon Laks, Ludomir Rożycki and Tadeusz Majerski, as well as works by contemporary Polish and foreign composers written specially for them. Since 2009, Cracow Duo regularly records and releases CDs. In 2019 they were recognized with Global Music Awards Outstanding Achievement for the best duo performance in Classical Music.

During the upcoming concert, the ensemble will perform two world premieres. We will hear the first performance of the piece The Gates of Light – Quasi una fantasia (2021) by Marta Ptaszyńska, which was created as part of the "Composing Commissions" programme implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance, and Three dreams and the lullaby (2020) by Maciej Zieliński. There will also be a Polish premiere of Michał Dobrzyński's Quasi una partita (omaggio a Tansman). In addition, the programme will include works for cello and piano by Zbigniew Bujarski, Anna Zawadzka-Gołosz, Tomasz Jakub Opałka, Marcel Chyrzyński and Wojciech Widłek.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Warsaw | Adam Bałdych & Sinfonia Iuventus

POSIA concert of Adam Bałdych and his excellent quartet alongside the Jerzy Semkow Sinfonia Iuventus Orchestra under the baton of Szymon Bywalec will take place on 4 December 2021 at 7.00 p.m. at the Witold Lutosławski Concert Studio of Polish Radio in Warsaw.

Adam Bałdych, violinist and composer, called "a child prodigy of violin", started his career at the age of 14. Soon he was hailed an innovator combining the achievements of classical music with contemporary improvised violin. In his recent pieces, composed for renowned orchestras, there are clearer references to classical music.

In 2019, on commission from AUKSO orchestra, he composed Early Birds Symphony for the auksodrone festival. Teodor, on the other hand, was composed for his son, born in the summer of 2020. Adam Bałdych ran the project with his wife – vocalist Kari Sál, and with Krzysztof Dys, Michał Barański and Dawid Fortuna, who are members of his ensemble, Adam Bałdych Quartet. The artist decided to go back to the years of his childhood and draw inspirations from the exceptional atmosphere of the 1980s. It was not only the time of the explosion of synthetic sounds and provocative music projects, but also the golden era of Polish Jazz represented by such eminent musicians as Tomasz Stańko, Michał Urbaniak or Zbigniew Namysłowski. The 80s, marking the decline of the Polish People’s Republic, abounded in rebellious compositions and avant-garde peregrinations, both in jazz and classical music.

Piotr Maculewicz

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information: www.sinfoniaiuventus.pl 

Wrocław | Ãtma Quartet: Death and the Maiden

AtmaThe programme of Ãtma Quartet's concert on 2 December 2021 at 7.00 p.m. at the National Forum of Music in Wrocław includes two works. One of them represents the modern era, the other – Romanticism. What they have in common is their genius form, with the depth of emotions and the intimacy of expression going hand in hand with the mastery of craft.

Krzysztof Penderecki composed the String Quartet No. 3 'Leaves from an Unwritten Diary' in 2008. Its premiere took place on 21 November of the same year, exactly on the artist’s 75th birthday. It is a one-movement work in which the composer enters a dialogue with his past, as evidenced by the subtitle. The piece begins with a dark introduction marked as Grave (Italian: “hard”), followed by a restless, virtuoso episode of Vivace (Italian: “lively”), a sentimental waltz (Tempo di valse) and a romantic nocturne (Adagio notturno). A Hutsul or Gypsy melody played on the violin by Penderecki’s father from Rohatyn, also resounds here, developed in various ways: like a vague, last-minute memory recalled. This is one of the artist’s most moving, personal and reflective compositions.

An entirely different work is the dramatic, intense 14th String Quartet in D minor D 810 'Death and the Maiden' by Franz Schubert. The second movement, Andante con moto, is a variation on a song composed by Schubert to a poem by Matthias Claudius, in which a young girl asks death to spare her life.

The project is part of the commemoration of the centenary of regaining independence and rebuilding Polish statehood.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

Ticket Information: https://www.nfm.wroclaw.pl/ 

Warsaw | 6th SuperSam + 1: Biliana Voutchkova & Teoniki Rożynek

SuperSamThe next concert in the 6th SuperSam + 1 series of master performances will take place at the SPATiF Club in Warsaw on 2 December 2021 at 8.00 p.m. Biliana Voutchkova will perform on one stage with Teoniki Rożynek.

"Super" in the title means that the programme will be based on renowned artists – masters. "Sam" (from Polish, means 'alone', 'by himself/herself') refers to the solo performances as well as the creative loneliness. "+ 1" in the title means that each evening will be crowned with a duo performance. In most cases, the artists will meet on stage for the first time – like Bulgarian musician Biliana Voutchkova and Polish composer Teoniki Rożynek.

Teoniki Rożynek composes instrumental, electroacoustic and electronic music. Her works have been performed at various festivals, including the "Warsaw Autumn", Musica Electronica Nova, Sacrum Profanum, Unsound, Containerclang (Cologne) or Bedingo International Festival of Exploratory Music. She has collaborated with such ensembles as Kompopolex, Spółdzielnia Muzyczna, Capella Cracoviensis and Sinfonia Varsovia. She creates music for films, theatre and television productions as well as performances.

Media patronage: Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC.

More information: http://supersam.mozg.pl 

Kielce | Windbags and Strings

FSThe Oskar Kolberg Świętokrzyska Philharmonic in Kielce invites you on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 at 6.30 p.m. for the chamber concert "Windbags and Strings", featuring the premiere of Miłosz Bembinow's Six pour six for two accordions and string quartet.

The concert is a result of cooperation between two renowned chamber groups: duoAccosphere – composed of accordionists Alena Budziňákova and Grzegorz Palus, and a string quartet – Airis Quartet. Both ensembles have been successfully in Poland and abroad for many years. Since 2016, they have been participating in joint concert projects, collaborating with contemporary music composers and making phonographic recordings.

The concert will feature both pieces showing the sonic potential of this unusual instrumental combination, as well as compositions performed by individual ensembles. We will hear works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Szymon Laks, Henryk Czyżewski, Piotr Czajkowski, Władimir Runczak, and a new piece by Miłosz Bembinow, composer and conductor associated with the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. The idea resulting from the title of the concert is to draw attention to the common performance features of both instrumental groups. The heart of the accordion, thanks to which the sounds are produced, is the windbag, which plays a similar role to the bow in strings.

Miłosz Bembinow's piece was funded by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Culture Promotion Fund  – a state special fund, as part of the "Composing Commissions" programme, implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

More information: https://filharmonia.kielce.pl/ 

Warsaw | Polish Music Scene: Mieczysław Weinberg

FNThe next concert of the "Polish Music Stage" programme will take place on 30 November 2021 at 7.00 p.m. at the Warsaw Philharmonic.  Aleksandra Kubas-Kruk (soprano), Anna Bernacka (mezzo-soprano) and Monika Kruk (piano) will present the songs of Mieczysław Weinberg.

Weinberg is an artist who spoke Polish until the end of his life. He was shaped by Polish culture and as a connoisseur of literature, he was looking for inspiration in Polish poetry. Weinberg's music, which is a testimony to the composer's European roots, although shaped artistically under the influence of the Russian school, remained Polish and Jewish. In his songs, one can hear characteristic motifs, bursts of energy, but also moments reminiscent of Schubert's work, very transparent and romantic. These features make up the composer's individual musical language, which sounds extremely authentic.

Apart from Weinberg's vocal lyrics, the concert will also feature Piotr Perkowski's Japanese Utas, composed to poems written between the 9th and 12th centuries. These poems, called Hyakunin isshū, are one of the most popular collections of poetry in Japan. The programme will also include Zbigniew Popielski's song cycle Do snu (To sleep).

The "Polish Music Scene" programme is organised by the National Institute of Music and Dance in collaboration with the Warsaw Philharmonic and financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Ticket information: http://filharmonia.pl/ 

20 Years of Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC!

POLMIC"For the sake of Polish musical culture, in order to widely disseminate Polish music, in the interests of Polish composers, musicologists and musicians, the Main Board of the Polish Composers' Union establishes the Polish Music Information Centre, which continues the tradition of the Polish Music Centre of the Polish Composers' Union and the activities of the Library and Music Collection of the Polish Composers’ Union – Polish Contemporary Music Documentation Centre, by collecting and sharing materials in the library section and information in the database section, extending the scope of interest to performers, institutions and music events in Poland."

This first sentence about the Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC was published 20 years ago, on 21 November 2001, in the Founding Act drawn up by members of the Polish Composers' Union.

Since then, we have been promoting Polish music by organising concerts in Poland and abroad. We publish albums – including  "The Sound Chronicle of the Warsaw Autumn", monographic albums in the series "Polish Music Today – Portraits of Contemporary Polish Composers", and books – distributed all over the world!

POLMIC operates within the structures of the International Association of Music Information Centers IAMIC.

The Polmic.pl portal is the first website dedicated to Polish contemporary music. We collect information about music and musicians in POLMIC databases, we run a Virtual Music Encyclopedia, we provide current information about musical life in Poland and we are the media patron of the most important events featuring contemporary music. We present the archives of the Polish Composers' Union in the POLMIC Digital Archive. We provide archives, books, magazines, sheet music and recordings in the scientific Library and Music Collection of the Polish Composers' Union.

20 years behind us and the whole world ahead of us! The new stage in our activity will be accompanied by a new graphic identification by the outstanding graphic artist Marcin Władyka.

Please visit www.polmic.pl and our headquarters at 27 Old Town Market Square in Warsaw!